Wondering if being a personal trainer might be the right career for you?  Join Matt and get an inside look on his journey through our 7-week program.

He’ll be sharing his experiences about:

  • our live classes with instructors who also work as personal trainers
  • the PTA Global curriculum created by 24 of the world’s leading fitness educators
  • the real-life practical experience he’ll get during workshops, workouts and with his classmates
  • and the in-club practicum in SNFC and UFC Gym clubs around the lower mainland

Follow along on his blog takeover!

“I always had a passion for fitness and exercising growing up. I played soccer for 6 years as a kid. Then when I was 14, I got into kickboxing and I really enjoyed it. I trained in martial arts for 4 1/2 years until I got my black belt and I also got to work as an assistant instructor for the mid- to high-level classes. That was a really great experience. I continued interest in working out at high-school, but mainly stuck to running. I would go for an hour to see how far I could get. One day while looking into stuff to do with my father, I came across something advertising the 2017 BMO Marathon and on a whim (with 22 weeks to train) I entered. I did the Fall Classic Half after that and then the marathon again in 2018. With that event I got to take advantage of a free 30 day membership at Steve Nash, which eventually led to me deciding to get a membership. I cut back on running and set a goal to build muscle. I developed such a passion for it that I thought I’d like to be a personal trainer. Now that I’ve enrolled in the BCPTI program I know I’ll be able to further my knowledge and get better results in my own program, and also learn to help others reach their fitness goals.”

Matt is currently working full-time as a carpenter in concrete forming but after 7+ years in the elements doing manual labour he’s looking forward to changing careers and doing something he’s really passionate about.  We asked him who his role models are and he said,

“My best friend John.  He’s not perfect, but he exemplifies that right mindset when going through challenges.  He also got me to recognize the importance of personal growth.  And with the current hype of the MCU, I like Captain America.  I really connect with Chris Evans’ portrayal of Steve Rogers personality-wise and with his values.  The never giving up and the strong will.” 

We can totally see the resemblance!


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