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Kettlebell Foundations – The Upright Plank

The Upright Plank One of the foundational concepts of Kettlebell Strength Training (and Strength Training in general) is the “Upright Plank.” The Upright Plank is the difference between controlling the Kettlebell and overswinging it. The “overswing” can be caused by overextending the hips, hyper-extending the spine, or relaxing the knees. The Upright Plank is the [...]

Bulgarian Bag Warmup – Doweling Rod

Welcome to the Bulgarian Bag Warmup - we will be using the doweling rod exclusively for this warmup sequence. The Bulgarian bag is a highly complex tool. At its baseline level, the Bulgarian bag develops tri-planar movement, improves rhythmic coordination, and challenges multi-joint flexibility. At this point, anyone who exercises should understand the benefits of [...]

Tools and Lenses – an Instructor Spotlight by Dr. Benjamin J. Stevens

When I first started training clients in my teenage years, I had this very specific perception of how I would get better at my job. I wanted to be one of the best there was! However, being completely new and green, my resume was essentially a blank piece of paper with my address on it. [...]

BCPTI Web Chat Series BONUS: Muscle, Mind & Money Podcast Episode 14 with Guest Logan Dube

I had a blast on the Muscle, Mind & Money Podcast with hosts Nastasia & Dominic Genova talking about how to manage working out during this #stayhome Covid-19 situation. Check out Part 1 here: And Part 2 here:

BCPTI Web Chat Series #7: Jolaine Wiens

Jolaine is a personal trainer specializing in older adults and clients with health challenges. She shares some really important information about training these types of clients and has an inspiring message for any trainers considering a similar niche.

Improve Your Marathon Performance At The Gym

  Wait, I'm supposed to do more than just running?" is a question I'm often asked by clients wanting to improve their running performance. That is correct! Running should be supplemented with strength training. Strengthening your muscles and connective tissue will help prevent injuries, it improves power and proprioceptive awareness (your body mind connection) and [...]

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Full Body Partner Exercises to make Fitness Fun!

Sometimes there is strength in numbers – especially when it comes to working out! Working out with a friend can make a big difference in your results and workout consistency. They bring fresh new ideas and workouts to try, they motivate you to push yourself, and they hold you accountable to reaching your  goals. Most [...]

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Youth and Resistance Training

With the rise in child hood obesity more and more funding is going towards making parents aware of the sedentary nature their kids are participating in. A lot has changed since some of us have grown up. Kids are spending more time sitting on computers than they are moving around. On average, screen time (i.e. [...]

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Understanding Common Fitness and Nutrition Tips

One of the challenges that we have in the fitness and nutrition field is the myriad of conflicting information. Today, we wanted to spend some time breaking down some common advice that is perpetuated through social media, people in the field, the media as a whole or just from those around us. Instead of just [...]

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The Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Traditionally most strength, power and endurance work is usually met with performing weightlifting or powerlifting exercises, such as bench press, deadlifts and squats. As health professionals we have all integrated these exercises at some point or another into our clients/patients workout regime. However, at times lack of equipment, time for teaching technique and confidence of [...]

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