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Squat Variations for New Clients: by Courtney Parson

Our clients know how to sit on a chair. They do it every day. No matter their age, their lifestyle, their occupation, your clients squat. Even if they don't know that they do, they squat. A squat is not just an exercise, It's a movement pattern. Usually, what I find is when I ask someone [...]

Overhead Mobility: Lengthening Techniques

Welcome back to part 2 of the Corrective Exercise Continuum for the "arms fall forward" movement-compensation observed in an Overhead Squat Assessment. In part 1, we targeted specific muscles that Inhibit the overhead position and aimed to reduce resting tension through those muscles. In part 2, Lengthen, we are going to use two stretches [...]

Overhead Mobility: Inhibitory Techniques

Welcome to a 4-part mini-series on the Corrective Exercise protocol for Overhead Mobility. In this series, I will break down the 4-stage Corrective Exercise Continuum (CEC) for the "arms fall forward" movement-compensation observed in an Overhead Squat Assessment (OHSA). Using this CEC will help participants improve overhead mobility, kyphotic posture, and upper body strength [...]

Avoid Stress-Related Injuries this Summer

 Who doesn't love a good morning run through the forest? Or perhaps a beautiful summer hike with family and friends. On rare occasions, fewer things are more cathartic than floating on a lake or through a river in a kayak, soaking up the sun and inhaling the freshest of fresh air. While used mostly [...]

Bridging the Pain Gap

The fitness industry has done an excellent job of teaching fitness professionals about the role of muscles, joints and the nervous system in movement. We've built bridges and filled gaps towards navigating rehabilitation with fitness training. However, one significant gap remains. Fitness professionals are not taught how to deal with pain. While it is not [...]

Foam Rolling and the Cumulative Injury Cycle

We all begin our lives in much the same way. As infants, we were subject to a simple summary of forces: gravity, our body weight, and whatever we could hold in our hands. We spent most of our time rolling on the floor, crawling from room to room, and trying to figure out how to [...]

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Warm-Up and Assistance Exercises

Greetings from BCPTI! We recently held an internal education seminar on the power clean and jerk and it was so well received we thought we would make a short blog post on some helpful exercises that can be utilized for a warm up or as an assistance exercise. Note* A proper warm is a major [...]

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