The BCPTI Practicum – a Review by Jamie Bagoly and Eve Chan

Picking your Personal Training Certification can be tough. There are so many options, and when you are shopping online, you are only given so much information about each certification. There are few schools around that teach these complex certifications, and as a newcomer to Fitness Education, it can be enough to make your head spin. That’s why BCPTI works so hard to peel back the curtain so that you can see how we ensure the success of our students in class and beyond. One (of many) components that sets us apart from other Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) classes is the BCPTI practicum. Students are given various tasks to complete with our placement partner, Fitness World. Students also get a chance to meet with Fitness Managers and learn the pace, culture, and daily routine at the club they intend on working at upon completion of their certification. For example, our student Jamie reviews his practical review at our Cambie street Fitness World.

Cambie Fitness Manager Eve (@evecfit on Instagram): What are your biggest take-aways from your practical experience at Cambie?

Jamie: I had a great time, and it was a lot of fun. I took many notes, mostly writing down things I noticed, like particular cue words and such. I really took away from each session how all 3 of you provided great service while uniquely giving someone a different experience. That is something I have been thinking about: how to give someone a unique experience. Another thing was the cue words; each of you has your own set of cues. Being newer, Tyrel is still figuring out some cue words, something I am struggling with. Lastly, each session was generally relaxed and overall fun (coming from the dance world, it was really nice and exciting to see people having fun).

Eve: What did you learn from shadowing PT sessions from Me, Courtney, and Tyrel?

Jamie: Seeing each relationship with each other was super interesting, and it depends a lot on the client. Some clients wanting more of a teacher/role model vs more of a workout buddy with helpful tips. Adapting to each client’s needs and being flexible with them is something I really took away.

Eve: What is your feedback on being a client in a “Goal Assessment?”

Jamie: It was interesting. Since starting to learn about PTs, I can see how some of the questions [on the intake form] can engage the client, but you have to get them there somehow. As well is was nice to see how long the GA can take. I really love the Cambie location; it’s great and has super friendly staff. Thanks for having me!

In the BCPTI Practicum, we assign students to shadow training sessions, attending group fitness classes, and participating in a Personal Training-Client relationship with a Veteran Trainer so they can understand the roles and responsibilities of a Personal Trainer at Fitness World. The experience gives students a lot more comfortable when they start working at the gym. As you can imagine, every practical experience will be a little bit different for each person. The one thing that is the same in all practical experiences for every student, however, is that students who complete the BCPTI Practicum adapt from the classroom to work quicker than those who complete an online certification only.

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