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Squat Variations for New Clients: by Courtney Parson

Our clients know how to sit on a chair. They do it every day. No matter their age, their lifestyle, their occupation, your clients squat. Even if they don't know that they do, they squat. A squat is not just an exercise, It's a movement pattern. Usually, what I find is when I ask someone [...]

Grow Your Calves! Learning About the Gastrocnemius

Students get practice in many skills that are needed in a fitness career, including building their brand and writing content. Check out this great blog about the gastrocnemius by recent graduate Tom Marsh. He did a great job explaining the muscle and picking a few exercises that you can use to train it!   The Gastrocnemius [...]

Matt’s Inside Look: Working Out Your Program

  Before enrolling in this course, I already had at least decent confidence in planning and modifying my workout regimen. However, I really learned a lot about myofasical release and when/where to incorporate it into the workout program.  I definitely noticed added benefits from the pre and post workout rolling. Better range of motion in [...]

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Matt’s Inside Look: Finding your Learning Style

  Going through this course, I've noticed all the different teaching methods available, and how they're lined up and tie together. This allows you to lean into your learning style and methods. Along the way, we would typically be assigned homework that included watching certain videos off the PTA Global website. Then, in the next class, [...]

Matt’s Inside Look: Learning About Myofascial Lines

      While, as trainers, we always want our clients to be safe and healthy, we sometimes have to help them deal with injury, illness or changes in their lives that affect their ability to workout.  We’re happy to say that Matt has recovered successfully from his work accident and the added benefit of [...]

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Matt’s Inside Look: Construction Job by Day, Personal Trainer School at Night

Now that we're on the 2nd half of our 7-week Personal Trainer Certification course, it's time for a recap of Matt's progress so far.  He's proving to be an inspiring role model and is navigating our accelerated career prep program with passion, dedication and a great work ethic!  Check out his recap of the first [...]

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Matt’s Inside Look: Why I Want to be a Personal Trainer

Wondering if being a personal trainer might be the right career for you?  Join Matt and get an inside look on his journey through our 7-week program. He'll be sharing his experiences about: our live classes with instructors who also work as personal trainers the PTA Global curriculum created by 24 of the world's leading [...]

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Transformation to Trainer: Grad Spotlight

    Nicole went from athlete, to unhealthy, to fitness-focused and has experienced a transformation - physical and purposeful.  Now she's working as a personal trainer and feels fulfilled daily as she helps clients reach their goals.  She loves being surrounded by a team of people that help her prioritize and improve on her own [...]

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Finding My Purpose: Grad Spotlight

On January 2nd 2019 Moreza walked into Day 1 of the BCPTI personal training program looking for his purpose.  From our 7 week program to this 7 month update, here's his story. Part One - beginning of class "Hello, my name is Moreza.  I’m originally from Tehran, Iran.  My dad got me into working out when [...]

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From Client to Trainer: Grad Spotlight

My road to becoming a personal trainer all started with me being a personal training client. A little over two years ago I was working full time in a high pressure, high stress position in health care. I was unhappy with my appearance and struggling with anxiety. I tried multiple online training programs in an [...]

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