100 Rep Leg Press Challenge

Hypertrophy? Strength? Mental Adaptations? Growth? It all started with an article about starting each work out with 100 reps on the leg press. Yes, 100 reps on the leg press before starting every work out (or at least leg day work outs) with a light enough weight that you can ideally get 100 reps unbroken. [...]

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Do You Need A Personal Training Certification?

In order to work as a personal trainer in various fitness centers or businesses, they will require having a personal training certification especially to have liability insurance. Having a personal training certificate from a recognized agency is one of the ways of ensuring qualified and professional trainers. Unfortunately, having a passion for fitness or having [...]

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Static Postural Assessments – PT Skills

It’s important to make clients feel comfortable. Especially beginner-level clients; their commitment levels can be tenuous at best. Static Postural Assessments are great opportunities to gather info, and perception is everything. There are people who report ZERO movement history during a Goal Session (zero sports or less than a year of gym experience). Their joints [...]

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Is Spot Training Real?

“Spot Fat Reduction” is one of the most requested goals I work with daily. - Josh Russell, BCPTI Instructor I hear many people talk about one or two specific places on their body that they would like to lose fat from. I understand the motivation for six-pack abs or toned arms, and there are plenty [...]

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Overcoming Adversity & Creating a New Life

#GradSpotlight Nicci Clark: "Ever since being rear ended in a car accident in August of 2014 and receiving multiple injuries to my neck, back, ribs, shoulders and hips, I have been on a furious and seriously dedicated mission to gain new strengths in an attempt to replace weakness and to find ways to cope with [...]

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Hyper-Mobility, Performance & Recovery: Nervous System-Based Activation & Deactivation

The sitting disease and automation are killing our nervous systems, proprioception, function, metabolism, and mobility. Today more than ever, clients walk in the training door deactivated. Even those who work out regularly spend most of their day in low nervous system activation. In this 3 part series, you'll learn how to use foam rolling & [...]

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Cardio (FITTER) = Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type, Enjoyment & Recovery

The #1 FITNESS predictor of a longer, more productive life is your cardiovascular fitness http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/107/1/e2 . Yet, when I ask client’s or students if they regularly perform cardio, the response is 50% I hate cardio - 50% I love cardio. Whether you love cardio or not, are training for sport, calorie deficit, recovery or health, [...]

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Athletic style workouts for Fitness, Fascial health, and Performance increase that’s transferable to Sport and Function

I had just retired from playing professional hockey after 8 years and had no real clue what I wanted to do with my career. How had I become a professional hockey player? I worked harder than anyone and I did whatever was necessary to win. By doing whatever was necessary, I became the fittest athlete [...]

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Developing & Maximizing Your Trainer Educational Toolbox

One to two times per week, a trainer will ask me, “What courses, books or resources are best suited to help me achieve my fitness and/or career goals”. Fitness education & CEC’s can be a difficult monster to slay, particularly for those considering a fitness career or are brand new to the industry. [...]

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Practical Research Review

MacDonald et al. (2013). An Acute Bout of Self Myofascial Release Increases Range of Motion Without a Subsequent Decrease in Muscle Activation or Force. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 27(3): 812 – 821. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts all around the world use self-myofascial release techniques to improve range of motion and recover [...]

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