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Knees Over Toes: Tips for Squats

"You shouldn't let your knees go over your toes." A common fitness belief that has been around for ages. It's easy to be inundated with conflicting information on all topics with the access to an infinite amount of information. Common beliefs are usually rooted in some truth that has morphed over time where the nuanced [...]

Kettlebell Foundations – The Upright Plank

The Upright Plank One of the foundational concepts of Kettlebell Strength Training (and Strength Training in general) is the “Upright Plank.” The Upright Plank is the difference between controlling the Kettlebell and overswinging it. The “overswing” can be caused by overextending the hips, hyper-extending the spine, or relaxing the knees. The Upright Plank is the [...]

Bulgarian Bag Warmup – Doweling Rod

Welcome to the Bulgarian Bag Warmup - we will be using the doweling rod exclusively for this warmup sequence. The Bulgarian bag is a highly complex tool. At its baseline level, the Bulgarian bag develops tri-planar movement, improves rhythmic coordination, and challenges multi-joint flexibility. At this point, anyone who exercises should understand the benefits of [...]

Balance Exercises EVERYONE Should Master

Rationale for Balance Exercises Balance training is one of the most underrated modalities of a training program. Balance exercises are often used as a reactionary measure (to someone who has experienced an injury from a fall) rather than for the host of benefits they provide. I tend to work with clients over the age of [...]

Squat Variations for New Clients: by Courtney Parson

Our clients know how to sit on a chair. They do it every day. No matter their age, their lifestyle, their occupation, your clients squat. Even if they don't know that they do, they squat. A squat is not just an exercise, It's a movement pattern. Usually, what I find is when I ask someone [...]

Tools and Lenses – an Instructor Spotlight by Dr. Benjamin J. Stevens

When I first started training clients in my teenage years, I had this very specific perception of how I would get better at my job. I wanted to be one of the best there was! However, being completely new and green, my resume was essentially a blank piece of paper with my address on it. [...]

Grow Your Calves! Learning About the Gastrocnemius

Students get practice in many skills that are needed in a fitness career, including building their brand and writing content. Check out this great blog about the gastrocnemius by recent graduate Tom Marsh. He did a great job explaining the muscle and picking a few exercises that you can use to train it!   The Gastrocnemius [...]

Axle Evolution

The Axle Philosophy The Axle is a total body training program that allows each participant to tap into their inner athlete, harnessing core and muscle strength via multi-planar movement patterns. You’ll burn calories and build muscle fast with a combination of functional movements, tempo training, conditioning and core work. The Axle is fully scalable, so [...]

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Friends don’t let friends skip leg day

There are many individuals that train to gain however there is a significant amount of those who only train one area of the body.  For most of us we like to train what we are good at or what we perceive to be best for our bodies. This however can lead to hazardous implications. Not [...]

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Ivan Ivanov’s Bulgarian Bag

The Bulgarian Bag has been around since 2005 and was created with the intent to have athletes train in a way that improved their explosive actions.  Dynamic movements such as pushing, twisting, balancing, pulling, rotating and throwing can all be performed with the bag. As you may have guessed from the description above the bag [...]

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