7 Study Tips for NASM’s Personal Trainer Certification

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Here are 7 tips that you can utilize to set yourself up for success while studying for the National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Training program whether you are self-studying or apart of BCPTI. [...]

Do You Need A Personal Training Certification?

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Benefits of Certification Having a personal training certification is necessary for several reasons. Firstly, it demonstrates that a personal trainer has met certain standards and qualifications, and has completed the necessary training and education to [...]

Anterior Core Training: Unlock Core Strength and Enhance Athletic Performance

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Core training can fall within many categories depending on our goals and intentions. Many people want to train core and end up doing crunches and planks or they want to jump to the cool looking [...]

Do I Really Need to Warm-Up Before Working out?

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(by Andrea Robb) What’s the Big Deal? “Let’s get to the workout as soon as possible” or “I need to make sure that every muscle in my body is warmed up before we workout”.  I’m [...]

The Way of the Hips

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Your hips tell a much bigger story than you may think. They are the center of your universe. They generate power above and below. You need them to run fast, squat deep, push/pull and produce [...]

Likeability, Trust, & Rapport: Keys to Client / Trainer Success

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Personal training as an industry continues to grow and evolve beyond the physical benefits as we recognize the mental health components. What we see is the interplay between physical health on our mental health and [...]

Low Bar or High Bar Squat Variation: Which is Better?

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It's a common question: which is the better squat variation, the low bar or high bar? it depends! We're always looking for the best ways to achieve our goals, whether it's gaining muscle, getting abs, [...]