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Do You Need A Personal Training Certification?

In order to work as a personal trainer in various fitness centers or businesses, they will require having a personal training certification especially to have liability insurance. Having a personal training certificate from a recognized agency is one of the ways of ensuring qualified and professional trainers. Unfortunately, having a passion for fitness or having [...]

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Learning from a Pandemic

We are THRILLED to be welcoming a new instructor to the team - BCPTI graduate Kim Tasin! She completed our program in 2019 and has worked as a trainer while completing her BSc Kinesiology at UFV. Kim brings a calm, intelligent passion to the team and students will be able to learn a lot from [...]

Reflecting On A Pandemic Year – Josh

As I reflect and write this article, it has been a full 365 days since COVID-based restrictions shut doors in most communities. Initially, it was a fearful time for many. But, as it normally goes with stressful experiences, we all adapted in one way or another. For many of my previous co-workers, it meant flexing their entrepreneurial [...]