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BCPTI was founded in 2013 because we saw the need to provide a better education for prospective personal trainers. By providing classroom and in-gym training you’ll be well versed in both the scientific and practical approach to personal training.

Becoming a certified personal trainer means you’ve committed to making a difference in your community.  We provide you with a world-class evidence-based training model that prepares you to step into the real-world fitness industry and begin helping clients right away!

BCPTI certifies our students through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification; a certification accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and globally recognized.

CPT Sept 2022 Class

“I cannot recommend this program enough, and in my opinion, it has only gotten better and more refined over the years. Whether your end goal is to be a Personal Trainer, better your own understanding of the body, or just feel like you have more direction/knowledge in the gym, this course is for you!”

Ashley Wright
BCPTI Graduate (2017)

“Thank you for everything you three did to help prepare us for the exam. Your enthusiasm and knowledge relating to health and fitness information was outstanding. You did a great job cramming a lot of material into such a short time and covering what we will need to know to succeed in the fitness industry. I appreciate all your efforts.

BCPTI Graduate (2022)

Are you passionate about health and fitness? Then make it a career! The demand for Personal Trainers is at an all-time high. Join this growing industry and become a fitness leader today. Our program is designed to get you ready for a fast-paced, client-oriented and ever-evolving workplace. Our instructors work as personal trainers, and our classes blend learning the curriculum with lots of hands-on practical experience including assessments, movement coaching, workouts and peer practice.

Service, Science and Sales: this simple formula is designed to help our students succeed in the workplace. Each student will be taught the science behind personal training, how to create an exceptional client experience and learn how to employ consultative sales techniques. Learn how to gain, train and retain clients and build a successful training career.

Become a Certified Personal Trainer

Location: BCPTI

Dates: March 6, 2023 – April 29th, 2023

Early Bird Registration ends Feb 15th, 2023.

Next Continuing Education Course: Therapeutic Fascial Mobility

Certification Dates: March 4-5. 9-5pm.

This course includes the best of fascial stretch therapy, muscle activation techniques, functional range conditioning, flexibility, mobility and recovery training wrapped into one advanced course designed for personal trainers.  You will learn assessments and a table-based sequence for lower body and upper body that can be applied for pre-workout, post-workout and stand-alone recovery sessions.

Location: BCPTI

Student Testimonials

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