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BCPTI was founded in 2013 because we saw the need to provide a better education for prospective personal trainers. By providing classroom and in-gym training you’ll be well versed in both the scientific and practical approach to personal training.

Becoming a certified personal trainer means you’ve committed to making a difference in your community.  We provide you with a world-class evidence-based training model that prepares you to step into the real-world fitness industry and begin helping clients right away!

BCPTI certifies our students through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification; a certification accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and globally recognized.

CPT Sept 2023 Class
BC Personal Training Institute
BC Personal Training Institute
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Kyle Maunahan
Kyle Maunahan
I had the privilege of being part of the PTI program led by Brian, Kat and Amy. They create a safe environment where aspiring trainers can learn about science, service and sales. Their passion for fitness and willingness to help others is what sets their students up for success. If you are in the lower mainland and looking to get your PT certification, this is the place to be!
Kevin Jeong
Kevin Jeong
BCPTI is the place to go for achieving, not only the NASM CPT Certificate, but the confidence that is required in becoming a high-value personal trainer. At the start of the program, I was feeling a bit of imposter syndrome. I genuinely wanted to become a PT as it was my passion but I didn't have the self-efficacy to know that I could be a good trainer. Unlike other certifications you can acquire, BCPTI stands out as one of the few, if not the only reputable, in-person CPT program in BC. Learning about becoming a trainer while ACTUALLY training someone hands-on is drastically different than studying online and taking a test. I highly recommend anyone looking to become a personal trainer to not just search up "CPT Certification" on google and go straight to BCPTI. Now that I passed the NASM CPT exam, I can become the trainer that BCPTI has envisioned. Thank you to Brian, Kat, and Amy. They are such knowledgeable and amicable instructors. instagram: @kjeongfitness
Sean Booth
Sean Booth
What an amazing and well put together course. Bcpti is the course you need to take if you’re looking to becoming a trainer. Brian, Kat, and Amy will teach you hands on ways to train someone that you wouldn’t be able to learn just from a textbook. I highly recommend taking the course as its now help me get a better understanding of what Personal Training is like.
Priyanka Indapurkar
Priyanka Indapurkar
I recently successfully completed Certified Personal Trainer program and graduated from BCPTI. The trainers at this institute are nothing short of exceptional. They are certified professionals who possess an extensive knowledge of exercise science and nutrition. One of the standout features of this institute is their dedication to providing a holistic approach to mastering the profession of a fitness trainer. They do not just focus on exercise technique/'how to become a CPT' training but also place a strong emphasis on nutrition, recovery, and overall well-being. The trainers take the time to educate students on the importance of balanced nutrition and the science behind various exercises, fostering a deeper understanding of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At the end of this course I have become more confident in taking the NASM exam and ultimately coaching the clients. I highly recommend this institute to anyone who is interested in becoming a personal trainer.
moderate 888
moderate 888
I’m just completing the last part of the BCPTI personal training course, and it’s been a great experience. I was a bit anxious going in and really didn’t know exactly what to expect, but it was a really positive experience. The class sizes were small so there was a lot of of opportunity for direct instruction. The instructors were approachable, knowledgeable and professional and the students were engaged and enthusiastic. I would definitely recommend the program, either for personal or professional development
Feng Kevin
Feng Kevin
My second weeks as a PT, already teaching group classes, and got too many clients packing my schedule. BCPTI changed my life. Always wanted to become a trainer, didn't know where to start, and didn't want to get those certifications I see online that are not as recognized. BCPTI prepped me for NASM, the most legitimate certification around the world, and taught by the legends, my heroes Brian and Kat. I was ready for the exam after the program, and took the first available test right away. The program offers in-person and online, day and night options. suitable, even if u have a busy schedule.
Professionalism at its peak. Brian, Kat & Amy exhibit the example of the kind of Personal Trainer anyone in the industry strives to be. This course was concise, to the point, informative and hands-on. I come out of this program with the confidence and knowledge to start my career as a trainer. If you are also considering Personal Training as the next step in your career, BCPTI is the only way to go. A critical part to any industry is the network of people that contribute to the community. I have met people within the industry that I will be able to count on and refer back to as I grow and learn as a trainer. This has been a wonderful experience and if you're reading this - this is your sign to take the leap and just do it!
Jacky Chuang
Jacky Chuang
BPTI is a wonderful program to learn how to become a certified personal trainer. Also a big shout-out for the trainers brian, Kath and kim since they are super knowledgeable and passionate on teaching. Will defiantly recommend anyone who's interested in becoming personal trainer to take the lesson at BPTI.

Are you passionate about health and fitness? Then make it a career! The demand for Personal Trainers is at an all-time high. Join this growing industry and become a fitness leader today. Our program is designed to get you ready for a fast-paced, client-oriented and ever-evolving workplace. Our instructors work as personal trainers, and our classes blend learning the curriculum with lots of hands-on practical experience including assessments, movement coaching, workouts and peer practice.

Service, Science and Sales: this simple formula is designed to help our students succeed in the workplace. Each student will be taught the science behind personal training, how to create an exceptional client experience and learn how to employ consultative sales techniques. Learn how to gain, train and retain clients and build a successful training career.

Become a Certified Personal Trainer

Location: BCPTI

Dates: May 1st, 2024 – June 22nd, 2024

Early Bird Registration ends April 19th, 2023.

Next Continuing Education Course:

Ma Weightlifting Olympic Weightlifting

What: Learn to teach, coach and execute the clean & jerk as well as the snatch. Each lift will be broken down and taught systematically ensuring competency.
When:  April 27-28 from 9-5pm
Where: #140 – 6351 Westminster Hwy

Cost: $449 early bird (until April 24th); $499 regular
Preferred Pricing available for BCPTI Graduates and FW Staff.

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