100 Rep Leg Press Challenge

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Hypertrophy? Strength? Mental Adaptations? Growth? It all started with an article about starting each work out with 100 reps on the leg press. Yes, 100 reps on the leg press before starting every work out [...]

Do You Need A Personal Training Certification?

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Benefits of Certification Having a personal training certification is necessary for several reasons. Firstly, it demonstrates that a personal trainer has met certain standards and qualifications, and has completed the necessary training and education to [...]

Static Postural Assessments – PT Skills

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It’s important to make clients feel comfortable. Especially beginner-level clients; their commitment levels can be tenuous at best. Static Postural Assessments are great opportunities to gather info, and perception is everything. There are people who [...]

Kettlebell Foundations – The Upright Plank

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The Upright Plank One of the foundational concepts of Kettlebell Strength Training (and Strength Training in general) is the “Upright Plank.” The Upright Plank is the difference between controlling the Kettlebell and overswinging it. The [...]

How does the TFM Course Make You Better at Programming?

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Recovery is an essential tool and separates elite trainers from average. The TFM course includes the best practices from Fascial Stretch Therapy, Muscle Activation Techniques, and Functional Range Conditioning into one advanced system. Delivering results [...]

TFM – An Intro to Therapeutic Fascial Mobility

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Therapeutic Fascial Mobility (TFM) is a tool we can use as trainers to impact the state of a client's nervous system, improve flexibility and add an extra level of service to our client's sessions.  Therapeutic [...]