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Brian was a student in BCPTI's 2nd ever intake and is one of our greatest success stories! In addition to working as a highly respected personal trainer, he also holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Counselling. Brian is accomplished in many areas of fitness including multiple provincial and national powerlifting records. Brian has returned as the Director of Fitness Education for BCPTI and Fitness World combining his experience and education to assist trainers and students in becoming the best version of themselves.

The Benefits of the Front Squat

First the WHAT and the WHY Whether you're a personal trainer or just a fitness enthusiast, front squats are a variation of the squat that can add a lot to your program and development. Most people are familiar with the back squat and for good reason, it is one of the staples of every fitness [...]

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100 Rep Leg Press Challenge

Hypertrophy? Strength? Mental Adaptations? Growth? It all started with an article about starting each work out with 100 reps on the leg press. Yes, 100 reps on the leg press before starting every work out (or at least leg day work outs) with a light enough weight that you can ideally get 100 reps unbroken. [...]

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Setting More Helpful Goals

  How many times have you “started” something only to stop and then “start” again at a later date?   One of the main obstacles in reaching our goals is the type of goals we set! Fitness professionals usually find people set vague or general goals that may look similar to these: I want to [...]

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