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What’s Next? Beyond Personal Training Certification and CECs

You took that step and got your personal training certification. Now you're wondering what's next? One of the greatest benefits of personal training is the flexibility to approach it however you want. As a personal trainer, you can decide to work in commercial, private, and/or online. Within each area, there are many opportunities for a [...]

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a Personal Trainer

Do you ever feel like a fraud or an imposter? Imposter syndrome is a common experience, often amplified by not understanding its origins. For many fitness professionals, especially those just starting out, feelings of inadequacy, doubt, fear, and anxiety can be overwhelming. It can affect client acquisition, closing of sales and lacking results. Imposter syndrome [...]

Progress not perfection

If you've ever trained with me, you'll know my favorite slogan is: "We strive for progress, not perfection." More importantly, sometimes we need to regress to progress. Understanding that perfection is not an immediate goal can transform both the coach-client relationship and the journey itself. Embracing imperfection with grace makes the process more enjoyable and [...]

Psychology & Behavioral Coaching: How to Increase Client Adherence and Success

As a Personal Trainer, coaching our clients goes beyond the session and one singular domain. Personal trainers assist their clients in fitness, nutrition, or personal development so understanding the nuances of psychology can significantly impact client adherence and success. Beyond simply prescribing workouts or nutrition support, effective personal trainers delve into the intricacies of behavior, [...]

Likeability, Trust, & Rapport: Keys to Client / Trainer Success

Personal training as an industry continues to grow and evolve beyond the physical benefits as we recognize the mental health components. What we see is the interplay between physical health on our mental health and vice versa. For some, taking care of their physical health through exercising, being active and doing the things they love [...]

100 Rep Leg Press Challenge

Hypertrophy? Strength? Mental Adaptations? Growth? It all started with an article about starting each work out with 100 reps on the leg press. Yes, 100 reps on the leg press before starting every work out (or at least leg day work outs) with a light enough weight that you can ideally get 100 reps unbroken. [...]

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