Knees Over Toes: Tips for Squats

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"You shouldn't let your knees go over your toes." A common fitness belief that has been around for ages. It's easy to be inundated with conflicting information on all topics with the access to an [...]

Elevating Personal Training: The Power of Being Present, Professional, and Punctual

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In the ever changing and dynamic world of personal training, success isn't solely about counting reps and showing people how to exercise. It's about utilizing an eclectic holistic approach that encompasses not just physical fitness [...]

Psychology & Behavioral Coaching: How to Increase Client Adherence and Success

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As a Personal Trainer, coaching our clients goes beyond the session and one singular domain. Personal trainers assist their clients in fitness, nutrition, or personal development so understanding the nuances of psychology can significantly impact [...]

Lost in Translation: Coaching & Cueing

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Communication is one of the more challenging aspects that people struggle with. The best thing about fitness is the unique language that develops through it. Over time, as someone gets more involved in fitness, the [...]

3 Ways to Drive Progression

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The most common ways to progress an exercise are through changing sets, reps and load. In most programs, those can often become the only means of progression despite the flexibility to adjust other factors. Let's [...]

Unleash Your Core Power: A Guide to Frontal and Transverse Plane Core Exercises

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In our previous blog post (you can read that here if you missed it), we discussed unlocking the anterior chain core, essentially what we understand as our abs. Most exercises tended to focus on crunches, [...]