Greens Supplements: What’s the deal?

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In recent years, the popularity of greens supplements has skyrocketed. These powdered blends claim to provide a convenient and nutrient-dense way to boost your daily intake of fruits and vegetables. But are they really worth [...]

The Overhead Press (OHP) – Unlocking Strength and Stability

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The Overhead Press, or OHP, is a powerful expression of the human body's overall function. It requires utilizing the entire kinetic chain and possessing adequate mobility and stability for proper execution. Unfortunately, the OHP has [...]

Great Technique and Form: The Lost Art of Gains

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Let’s dive into the often overlooked but critical aspect of fitness training - proper technique and form. We'll explore the impact of correct form on your results and the potential negative adaptations that can arise [...]

Which Diet is Best for My Client?  The Skinny on Fab Diets!

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By Andrea Robb Have you ever had a client say “I tried this diet but I didn’t get the results I wanted” or “what do you think of this diet?”  Every year there seems to [...]

Anterior Core Training: Unlock Core Strength and Enhance Athletic Performance

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Core training can fall within many categories depending on our goals and intentions. Many people want to train core and end up doing crunches and planks or they want to jump to the cool looking [...]

Do I Really Need to Warm-Up Before Working out?

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(by Andrea Robb) What’s the Big Deal? “Let’s get to the workout as soon as possible” or “I need to make sure that every muscle in my body is warmed up before we workout”.  I’m [...]