“I will forever be grateful for everything BCPTI has taught me”

I had always been active primarily through dance for 9 years and it wasn’t until exactly 10 years ago that I tore the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in my knee, through cheer-leading that my world changed. Learning how to walk again for 3 months after the surgery and being told by my orthopedic doctor that my knee would never be the same again, I was adamant about not letting my circumstances dictate the bright future I wanted for myself.

I went through physiotherapy and did all the exercises asked of me. I eased my way back into fitness through Pilates and yoga, and then started taking group fitness classes because it was what I was comfortable with. I wanted more! I genuinely wanted to be the strongest version of myself so I got a Personal Trainer. I purchased 100 sessions and told him to make me strong, fast, agile, and move and look like an athlete! THAT was when I feel my life truly began again. By the end of all the sessions, this petite 100lb girl could squat over 160 pounds, deadlift 185 pounds, leg press 12 plates, and jump 100cm – everything I wouldn’t have been able to do without the help of a trained professional. I definitely believed in Personal Training and how it can help ANYONE with their fitness goals!

I think my passion and love for fitness & health grew exponentially as I went on to finally dance again for the BC Lions Dance Team, Harbour Dance’s Honey Dance Crew and even competed Nationally in Bodybuilding in the Bikini division.

After six years, I finally decided get my Personal Training certification through BCPTI and it was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

I was genuinely unsure about my path going into the program, mostly because I lacked enough confidence in myself. However, after being amongst from all the passionate instructors and learning from some of the best in the fitness industry, I knew I HAD to do this! What drew me into BCPTI was the well-rounded program they put together. You had everything from theory and practical learning, practicum at one of the Steve Nash gyms, and guaranteed job placement! I will forever be grateful for everything BCPTI has taught me and how it truly made me realize THAT THIS IS WHAT I WAS MEANT TO BE DOING!

I’ve been with Steve Nash Fitness World Lougheed Town Centre since June 2018 and words cannot express how much gratitude and joy I have for making fitness the best part of our members’ day!  I started as a Personal Trainer and within 6 months, was promoted to Assistant Fitness Manager. I was proud and excited for one of my first clients, George Layne, as he became one of Steve Nash’s 2019 Success Story Finalists! I love that I have multiple opportunities in my day to show clients and members like George, that it doesn’t matter how old you are, or what setbacks you’ve had, you are stronger than you think and are more than capable of achieving anything you set your mind to! And if you need it, at Steve Nash, we’re more than happy to help with your health and fitness goals!

I love seeing my teammates, the members and my clients and feel lucky to be working in such a supportive, inspiring and fun environment. It sounds cheesy, but I wake up every day EXCITED that I get to do what I love and be around others that continuously want to better themselves!

Spotlight: Rochelle Konath, BCPTI Graduate & Personal Trainer, SNFC Lougheed