My journey with the Fitness Industry began in 2012 at Steve Nash Fitness Clubs. I started working out at the Delta location at the age of 19. I wanted to make changes in my life with my weight and pursue a healthier lifestyle overall. Since I didn’t know what I was doing, I hired a personal trainer. He taught me how to work out and reach the goals I had set for myself in a timeframe that made sense. Once I reached my goals and saw the results, I wanted to do the same for others who have struggled to reach their own goals. I grew a deeper interest for living a healthy lifestyle and wanted to be more involved in the world of fitness. I have now been working out for 6 years and truly feel like exercising is a form of therapy for me which helps me cope with my stress and betters my mental health. Inside the gym, I have hit many personal records (400lb+ squat and 500lb deadlift) and continue to challenge myself.

I started working with the SNFC Organization 2015 as a membership representative at the Langley location. I worked my way up to Assistant General Manager and although I enjoyed my job, I was passionate about helping others on a deeper level. I related so much to many of the people who walked into the gym looking to change their lives for the better and I instantly knew I wanted to be a bigger part of their journey. With my passion for fitness and helping others, I knew becoming a Personal Trainer was the right decision for me.

The reason I chose to go to BCPTI was because the program offered an accredited, Global Certification and they offered guaranteed job placement post course. It was also a bonus that the program only ran for 7 weeks as well! My experience at BCPTI was great as I learned a lot from all the different instructors as they all bring such different experiences to your learning. My advice to anyone wanting to pursue a career in personal training is to go through BCPTI! They have the best educators to ensure that the students in the program not only pass, but are set up for success.

After becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, I was hired by the Steve Nash Surrey location as their newest trainer. With four months of extremely hard work and believing in what I do, I was promoted to Fitness Manager of the Surrey club. This was by far my biggest accomplishment of 2018. Things are only looking up for 2019 and BCPTI helped me get there!

Featured Grad: Darb Lall, Certified Personal Trainer & BCPTI Graduate