Sometimes there is strength in numbers – especially when it comes to working out! Working out with a friend can make a big difference in your results and workout consistency. They bring fresh new ideas and workouts to try, they motivate you to push yourself, and they hold you accountable to reaching your  goals. Most importantly though, having a friend there makes it possible to do fun partner workouts that benefit both of you! Call up your gym buddy, grab a few simple pieces of equipment and try these 5 full-body partner exercises during your next gym session. You wont regret it!

Required Equipment:

  • Exercise ball (or medicine ball)
  • Gym mat or yoga mat

Instructions: Perform each exercise in the circuit (making sure to switch roles when instructed!). Take a 2-minute break, then repeat the entire circuit one more time (for a total of 2).

Medicine Ball Pass

Targets: obliques, core

  • Stand back-to-back with your feet shoulder width apart. Partner A holds the medicine ball in both hands in front of abs.


  • Partner A turns to the right and passes the ball to partner B as partner B turns to the left.


  • Partner B then rotates to the right and A to the left, passing the ball again.


  • Continue for 30 seconds, then switch directions and repeat (A turning to the left first).

Plank High-Five

Targets: core

  • Get in a plank position with your feet together and hands under your shoulders facing your partner, abs braced in tight to spine.


  • Lift your right hand off the floor and give your partner a high five.


  • Return to the start position and repeat with your left hand. Continue, alternating hands.
  • Perform the exercise for one minute.

Tip: Ensure that your back remains neutral and your hips stay as still as possible (i.e.: no swaying as you raise and lower your arm)

Wheelbarrow Push-Up With A Squat

Targets: arms, core, back, and legs

  • Partner A gets in a plank position on hands and toes; partner B stands behind Partner A and holds an ankle in each hand.


  • Partner B sits back into a wide-legged squat, keeping arms straight, as Partner A bends elbows and lowers chest towards the floor.


  • As Partner A straightens their arms, Partner B rises up out of the squat, keeping their back straight and toes pointed slightly outwards.


  • Do 20 reps, then switch positions and repeat.

Sit Up Pass

Targets: core, shoulders

  • Both partners lie face up, knees bent, feet flat on the floor with ankles overlapping.


  • Partner A holds the ball with extended arms overhead. Contract abs and sit up, bringing up arms and medicine ball to face partner.


**Modification: to make the exercise more difficult, Partner B can also perform a sit-up without the ball.

  • Partner A hands Partner B the medicine ball.


  • Partner B takes the ball overhead to lightly tap it on the ground behind their head before sitting up and passing the ball back to A. Repeat.


  • Do 20 reps total (10 reps with the medicine ball per partner)

Tricep Pass

Target: core, triceps

  • Partner A holds an exercise ball (or light medicine ball) in both hands overhead. Partner B lies on the floor, with their head near Partner A’s feet and grasps A’s ankles.
  • Partner A lowers the ball behind their head, keeping elbows close to the ears.


  • Partner B lifts legs towards the ceiling as Partner A straightens arms and then leans forward, placing the ball between B’s feet (make sure the ball is secure before letting it go!)


  • Partner B lowers legs to the floor (make sure your lower back doesn’t arch off the floor) then brings them up to Partner A again to complete the 1st rep.


  • Complete 20 reps, then switch positions and repeat.




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