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Bridging the Pain Gap

The fitness industry has done an excellent job of teaching fitness professionals about the role of muscles, joints and the nervous system in movement. We've built bridges and filled gaps towards navigating rehabilitation with fitness training. However, one significant gap remains. Fitness professionals are not taught how to deal with pain. While it is not [...]

16 Exercises for Building an Awesome Ankle

Hello, and welcome to the first of many Corrective Exercise Continuum protocol guides; pronation of the ankle. This article's purpose is to provide the extra rationale for recommended exercises, provide videos demonstrating good form and good coaching, and create a library for your clients to study. In today's protocol, we will be looking at one [...]

6 Foundation Exercises to Build up your Baseline Fitness Abilities

There are a lot of reasons people sign up for exercise: to lose weight, lose fat, gain muscle, gain strength, improve flexibility, reduce pain, have more energy, be healthy, etc. Let’s say there are two main categories: look better and feel better. But if you’re not particularly inspired by the vagueness of those options, here’s a [...]

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Foam Rolling and the Cumulative Injury Cycle

We all begin our lives in much the same way. As infants, we were subject to a simple summary of forces: gravity, our body weight, and whatever we could hold in our hands. We spent most of our time rolling on the floor, crawling from room to room, and trying to figure out how to [...]

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BCPTI Web Chat Series BONUS: Muscle, Mind & Money Podcast Episode 14 with Guest Logan Dube

I had a blast on the Muscle, Mind & Money Podcast with hosts Nastasia & Dominic Genova talking about how to manage working out during this #stayhome Covid-19 situation. Check out Part 1 here: And Part 2 here:

BCPTI Web Chat Series #3: Sarah Jamieson

Sarah Jamieson is an exceptional trainer, educator and the co-creator of Durability - formerly of Onnit and now working with clients all over the world through her online platform. She lends her considerable talents as a guest speaker for NCSA, a Master Instructor for PPSC and does all kinds of custom events and programming for [...]

Matt’s Inside Look: Learning About Myofascial Lines

      While, as trainers, we always want our clients to be safe and healthy, we sometimes have to help them deal with injury, illness or changes in their lives that affect their ability to workout.  We’re happy to say that Matt has recovered successfully from his work accident and the added benefit of [...]

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All About Hips

Did you know that your hips are the second most mobile joint in your body, after your shoulders? They are a really important gateway to movement and carry the load of your upper body allowing for almost all lower body movements. So, what’s a day in the life your hips look like? Do you sleep mostly on [...]

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10 Exercises to Deal with Knee Pain

Is knee pain part of your day-to-day life? Are you one of many people who experience knee pain when walking down stairs? Do you roll around sleepless in bed due to sharp, unexplained pain in your knees? Does weather change make your walk to work exponentially harder? Are you hearing all kinds of clicks in [...]

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Feet First: Why Functional Training Starts From the Ground Up

"As a coach and trainer for close to 20 years now, I’ve seen how we exercise evolve dramatically!" When I first started helping people learn to workout, I spent the first 3-8 sessions showing my clients how to use the circuit machines––one machine per muscle group, 8-15 machines for a total body workout. The rationale [...]

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