There are lots of options when it comes to Personal Training Certifications in Vancouver BC. The British Columbia Personal Training Institute approach and engine is what sets it apart against the rest. BCPTI is powered by the National Academy of Sports Medicine which we believe best prepares personal trainers for the rigors and requirements that the industry demands.

Upon successful completion of the BCPTI program you will have your NASM Personal Training Certification and have the ability to make a difference.

As well as having NASM our 3 S’s approach will have you prepared to succeed like nothing else in the industry. We want you and encourage you to do your homework and check around and ask experts that are in the industry about NASM and BCPTI and see what they have to say. We are confident in what you will find in the market place.

BCPTI is the certification of choice and your NASM education will take you a long way in getting started in this exciting and growing filed of personal training!