Going through this course, I’ve noticed all the different teaching methods available, and how they’re lined up and tie together. This allows you to lean into your learning style and methods. Along the way, we would typically be assigned homework that included watching certain videos off the PTA Global website. Then, in the next class, we would cover the topic we had previously watched the videos on. Most of the time, the textbook and the in-class presentation would line up and match the videos, but on occasion something would be covered in class that wasn’t previously covered in the textbook or videos (ex. the muscular system.) This has really been helping me, as I retain more information the more I hear it. Since the class followed the videos, you not only got to cover the information again, but you get to ask questions and get help clarifying points of confusion or misunderstanding. The added benefit of the videos, is that you can always go back and re-watch them as often as you’d like. Especially if you’re struggling, like I was on Energy Systems. As for my in-class strategy, I would locate the matching criteria in the textbook and either mark or highlight something important as we went along for added review later on.


We call our program an accelerated career prep program for a reason – we pack a lot of content into 7 weeks. But with the online account including videos, the text book, the study guide, the live classes and the practical, hands-on experience, we find that our students are able to access multiple learning styles to really help learn and retain the information. Most of our students write the exam within 1-2 weeks of the program and our pass rate exceeds 90%! This includes students who are ESL who worry about their proficiency with English as well as students who don’t have much background in fitness. If you have a passion for fitness, we can help you get certified and kick start your career!

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