“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.”

– Simon Sinek


What an incredible year of education, inspiration & community – PASSION! I feel so lucky, as an educator, that I get to help our students take their love of fitness and their desire to help people and turn it into the opportunity to live their passion working as fitness professionals. At the end of another decade, I can reflect back on over 20 years as a coach & personal trainer helping people achieve their goals, realize their strengths and become more fit, healthy & confident. I can say, without a doubt, that I have the BEST job in the world.

Here’s what living my passion looks like to me:

  • never dreading Mondays (or any day)
  • high-fiving for no reason at work is totally acceptable
  • being inspired and motivated by the people around me, teammates and clients alike
  • doing meaningful work that actually changes peoples’ lives
  • making a great living doing what I love
  • getting paid so much more than just money – I’m rich from all the recognition and heartfelt thanks I’ve received from clients for the work we’ve accomplished together
  • doing a job that matches and supports my ideal lifestyle (you gotta walk the talk after all!)
  • always having so much to learn
  • always having another challenge or goal on the horizon to keep me moving forward
  • meeting and working with like-minded, awesome, motivated, inspiring people across the industry
  • being on the cutting-edge of health & exercise science
  • being challenged by mentors and earning incredible development opportunities

I hear people say, all the time, “oh I’m so busy!” Well, there’s a BIG difference between being busy and productive. There’s a big difference between stress and passion.

“Passion is much more than just a feeling. It is an energy that gives you power to act as a result of focusing on what excites you and gives you reason to keep learning, and working towards your goals.”

– Mo Hagan

Thank you to all of our students  – without you, we don’t get to teach what we love! We helped almost 200 students get certified as personal trainers this year, including Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna and all over the lower mainland. That’s an incredible ripple effect that means we are serving people in communities all over BC!


Thank you to our grads – for staying connected with us as you move into your careers! Seeing your success is probably the most rewarding thing of all. There are so many incredible stories that make us SO PROUD from the last 6+ years of BCPTI. We love to see you back for further education and we are honoured to receive your referrals for friends and clients who you inspire to take a similar leap of passion into fitness!

Thank you to my team – you are world-class, elite trainers and passionate mentors. In addition to working with clients you make such a huge impact on our students. It’s not just about teaching science/service/sales – you inspire and build up self-confidence in each student, preparing them to serve as a new generation of fitness professionals. I appreciate you for your commitment to excellence, your reliability and your hunger to always get better and better at everything we do!

As the clock turns on a new year and a new decade I wish for you all the awareness of, belief in and pursuit of your passion. The work you do matters. Your own growth inspires others more than you know. And living/working from your heart will change the world!

– Logan


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