Interested in getting healthier, losing weight, getting stronger or taking on a new physical hobby or challenge this year?
Chances are you’re in the gym working at achieving your fitness goals: focused on some combination of cardio, resistance training, flexibility/mobility or group classes. Good for you!
But did you ever stop to think about the people you spend time with – both in the gym and out?
How we laugh, play, talk, fight and love the people we spend time with influences every aspect of our wellness.
Every relationship and social interaction has a potential health boost or bust!
Can you think of a time when you were hanging out with a group of people and you felt totally energized and pumped? Can you think of a time you were spending time with a group people and you felt totally strained and drained?
This doesn’t mean that one group was good people and the other was bad. It just means that you either found people similar to you or not. How you think, what your needs are relating to expression and social connection can either be a match or be different from the people you spend time with.
When you understand how you are the same or how you differ from other people, you can adjust your responses and social interactions accordingly and actually create engaging and positive social connections with every interaction.
Studies actually show that your body has unique hormone levels and predominant brain activity that can reveal a tendency towards introversion or extroversion. Hormones like oxytocin, prolactin and testosterone will influence the way you relate to teammates, coworkers, friends and family. These same hormone levels may influence our tendency to be trusting, caring, risk-taking or aggressive, among many other behavioural quailties.
When you understand that your tendencies in relationships are influenced by your biochemical makeup, it becomes less about “who said what” and more about “oh, that’s why you said that.”
Great trainers are always seeking connection and empathy with clients and potential clients. Finding a way to make the gym and/or an exercise program a better fit to someone’s personality is a sure what to help them stick to it and achieve success!
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