The BCPTI functional integrated training ( FIT ) approach is an amalgamation of information from the fields of fitness, sport performance & rehabilitation. Function can be defined as “the ability of the human movement system to successfully & repeatedly perform.

To achieve optimal movement, a highly personalized training experience must be priority #1. To that end we have a saying “if you are not assessing you are guessing”. We believe world class customer service & personal training can only occur when a system of personalization via:

  • Goal setting = outcome (how much weight lost) & process (maintaining posture during a squat)
  • Functional movement, injury risk & performance assessment = a series of movement based assessments and corrective exercises to improve performance & decrease the risk of injury while clients safely push their functional limits.
  • Professional service = expert level coaching that includes the highest level of professional conduct in parallel with application of the FITT principles.
  • Client accountability = fitness goal setting, trainer follow-up & nutritional guidance.

BCPTI trainers create programs to help clients move, feel great, and stay healthy. A secondary, but important outcome of FIT based training is optimization of human movement. In this way, we aim to provide personal training education designed to help client’s perform in life, fitness and sport.

Beyond the scientific principles of movement and training, we teach our instructors how to achieve their client’s functional fitness goals using a system of sales & service. No exercise, training device or scientific program will have its optimal impact if the 3S’s (Service, Science & Sales) of fitness operation are not consistently applied. Remember, the best training program in the world is useless if you don’t have clients or if your clients do not follow it.