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Making your Passion your Paycheck: Grad Spotlight

"My name is Gerry Vinluan, Personal Trainer at Steve Nash Fitness World on Howe and Davie. I was involved in a variety of sports growing up and most of my adult years. Whether it was in various Martial Arts disciplines; Highschool Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and Track & Field; Dragon Boating or playing hockey with friends...I [...]

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Improve Your Marathon Performance At The Gym

  Wait, I'm supposed to do more than just running?" is a question I'm often asked by clients wanting to improve their running performance. That is correct! Running should be supplemented with strength training. Strengthening your muscles and connective tissue will help prevent injuries, it improves power and proprioceptive awareness (your body mind connection) and [...]

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Assertiveness: The art of communicating what you need

You may be wondering what exactly is Assertiveness and why does it matter? Assertiveness is a form of communication alongside aggressive and passive. Each style has different characteristics to differentiate them. For example, Assertiveness is only being able to express your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and opinions without violating the rights of others. On the other [...]

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Things You Should Never Forget To Do Before & After A Workout

The exercises you do during your time at the gym are very important and are going to be the exercises responsible for getting you to your goal. That much is certain! However, what you do before and after your workouts are going to determine how quickly you get to your goal, and how comfortable it [...]

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Should You Workout While Sick?

  You start enjoying your new exercise routine and without any signs come a cold or flu. What you should do? Skip the gym? Go to the gym with no energy and the risk of injury? […]

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Passion to Purpose: Grad Spotlight

"I will forever be grateful for everything BCPTI has taught me" I had always been active primarily through dance for 9 years and it wasn't until exactly 10 years ago that I tore the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in my knee, through cheer-leading that my world changed. Learning how to walk again for 3 months [...]

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Give Back To Impact: Grad Spotlight

My experience at BCPTI was honestly one of the turning points in my life! Before my journey as a fitness professional started, I trained at Steve Nash Fitness Clubs in Langley for 2 years with my personal trainer Tony! Watching the fitness team was the most inspiring thing ever and I was always jealous of [...]

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From Hiring a Personal Trainer to Becoming a Personal Trainer

My journey with the Fitness Industry began in 2012 at Steve Nash Fitness Clubs. I started working out at the Delta location at the age of 19. I wanted to make changes in my life with my weight and pursue a healthier lifestyle overall. Since I didn’t know what I was doing, I hired a [...]

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10 Exercises to Deal with Knee Pain

Is knee pain part of your day-to-day life? Are you one of many people who experience knee pain when walking down stairs? Do you roll around sleepless in bed due to sharp, unexplained pain in your knees? Does weather change make your walk to work exponentially harder? Are you hearing all kinds of clicks in [...]

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Grad Spotlight: Lindy Drope

Lindy Drope, BCPTI Graduate "The first day at BCPTI was the day I knew I had found my calling" "My journey began in Kelowna when I landed what I thought would be my dream job at the front desk at the brand new Steve Nash Fitness World. After a few short weeks of practicing handstands at [...]

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