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Full Body Partner Exercises to make Fitness Fun!

Sometimes there is strength in numbers – especially when it comes to working out! Working out with a friend can make a big difference in your results and workout consistency. They bring fresh new ideas and workouts to try, they motivate you to push yourself, and they hold you accountable to reaching your  goals. Most [...]

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Finding a home in Fitness

  Grad Spotlight: Cody Taylor   "I struggled with insecurities and anxiety that I let ruin many experiences for me, yet when I started working out I found a second home"   "Before becoming a personal trainer I always knew I wanted to do something that would help people. I struggled with insecurities and anxiety [...]

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Pain is such a pain!

Pain is a funny thing. Everyone has different pain perceptions. For example, a stimulus can cause a 10/10 response in one person but a 5/10 in another. Commonly pain is associated with some sort of injury or trauma to the body. However, when the injury heals but the pain still persists we are sometimes at [...]

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Grad Spotlight: Sarah Boyes

Born and raised in Vancouver BC I am a true Vancouverite! At a young age I was a competitive gymnast, dancer, swimmer and performer. Being young, active and not having much knowledge of nutrition I really ate whatever I pleased. I am also half Filipino which means I was surrounded by the most delicious foods [...]

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Friends don’t let friends skip leg day

There are many individuals that train to gain however there is a significant amount of those who only train one area of the body.  For most of us we like to train what we are good at or what we perceive to be best for our bodies. This however can lead to hazardous implications. Not [...]

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Youth and Resistance Training

With the rise in child hood obesity more and more funding is going towards making parents aware of the sedentary nature their kids are participating in. A lot has changed since some of us have grown up. Kids are spending more time sitting on computers than they are moving around. On average, screen time (i.e. [...]

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Understanding Common Fitness and Nutrition Tips

One of the challenges that we have in the fitness and nutrition field is the myriad of conflicting information. Today, we wanted to spend some time breaking down some common advice that is perpetuated through social media, people in the field, the media as a whole or just from those around us. Instead of just [...]

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Ivan Ivanov’s Bulgarian Bag

The Bulgarian Bag has been around since 2005 and was created with the intent to have athletes train in a way that improved their explosive actions.  Dynamic movements such as pushing, twisting, balancing, pulling, rotating and throwing can all be performed with the bag. As you may have guessed from the description above the bag [...]

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Warm-Up and Assistance Exercises

Greetings from BCPTI! We recently held an internal education seminar on the power clean and jerk and it was so well received we thought we would make a short blog post on some helpful exercises that can be utilized for a warm up or as an assistance exercise. Note* A proper warm is a major [...]

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The Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Traditionally most strength, power and endurance work is usually met with performing weightlifting or powerlifting exercises, such as bench press, deadlifts and squats. As health professionals we have all integrated these exercises at some point or another into our clients/patients workout regime. However, at times lack of equipment, time for teaching technique and confidence of [...]

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