The fitness industry is infamous for its notoriously quick pace of innovation. Jazzercise took the industry by storm in the ’80s; Richard Simmons caught the attention of daytime television in the ’90s. In the 2000’s Yoga, spin classes, circuit workouts, and kettlebell training earned their places in regularly scheduled fitness classes, while the 2010s saw the emergence of the modern Personal Trainer and Behavioural coaching. In a post-pandemic world, once again, the industry had to innovate; thus emerged the need for online training and remote support for individuals chasing fitness goals while condemned to isolation or quarantine. Trainerize takes the grip of the spear and thrusts it forward using a tool that is easy to understand and promises an impact yet to be realized by many who currently use the platform.

What is Trainerize?

Essentially, Trainerize aims to compile all of the client folders, session notes, weigh-ins, meal plans (basically all of the information that leads an exercise participant towards success) etc., all in one place and digitally. The kicker is that whatever the trainer or fitness consultant programs or adds to the client’s account, the client has direct access to it so they can take ownership of their own routine. Plenty of behavioural coaching studies have demonstrated that the more self-accountability the client (or participant) expresses, the more successful they are likely to be. As a fitness professional myself, quickly providing a significant amount of information regarding cardio, flexibility, nutrition, and resistance training programming in an easily digestible and immediately useable way is exciting. It lets me do less work while enhancing the quality of service that I provide. Let’s get more specific:

How Trainerize Improves Client Adherence

Try this: answer these questions and consider the results.

  • How many times have you given your client a piece of paper with a list of exercises?
  • How often does your client workout on their own compared to how often they train with you?
  • Do they take this piece of paper with them to the gym when they want to work out?
  • Do they take their phone?

Trainerize quite simply puts all of a client’s programming into their pocket, so they always have every workout with them! Every time that your client logs into their account, they see this screen:

Things to do: the workouts or habits you have assigned your client in the calendar show up at the top of the Dashboard.

My Progress: when a client syncs their wearable device, the pertinent information is displayed all in one place. This is an incredible accountability tool that helps a client adhere to the program.

The Trainer can “assign” homework to a client on days that they don’t see the client. The Trainer can also observe daily caloric intake, steps, sleep, and progress photos.

Video Workout Library

I want you to try and visualize what the following two exercises look like:

  • The Cook Hip Lift
  • Turning side lunge ankle reach to overhead press

It’s really no problem if you find yourself pulling a “puzzled” expression. The point, though, is that I have had plenty (almost all) of my clients come back to me after homework workouts asking, “what was that exercise again?” Trainerize eliminates this potential circumstance by providing videos for all of their exercises. Now a client doesn’t even need to Google the exercise you’ve written down; the list of exercises in “workout mode” provides the videos for each exercise. Some of them even have descriptions too!

Instant Feedback

Perhaps the most outstanding quality that Trainerize uses to enhance a Trainer’s potential effect on their clients is the inclusion of multiple feedback points.

Feedback is vital to ensuring a client is making progress in a meaningful way while also providing continuous motivation and empowerment.

Trainerize tracks many metrics to provide feedback of progress for a client immediately after a workout.

This image was captured after a full-body workout with one of my clients.

We immediately celebrated the client’s effort by acknowledging the progress made during the previous hour.

Trainerize tracks max weight, 10 rep max, volume, and more to help you and your client look back on the workouts proudly.

In the Efforts of Summarizing

The future (and, frankly, the present) of training programs and client management is online. Almost all innovations and roads lead to the internet eventually. After, perhaps, the most significant roadblock imposed that the World had to offer (global pandemic), Fitness Trainers, clients, and exercise participants alike are all able to bask in the benefits provided by this powerful companion app. When using this app with my clients, my quality and consistency of service have transcended expectations. After using this app in my own workouts, I have structure and confidence in results unlike ever before. My point is that this app creates benefits for all who use it; it is worthy of high praise, is a vital tool in any Fitness Toolbox.

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