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Trainer Tips: How to help your weight loss clients

  Meet Courtney – she’s a passionate fitness professional, a committed life-long learner and a BCPTI grad with an incredible story!  We asked her to share what it meant to achieve weight loss and a better mindset about fitness, and what her life/career has been like since she started working as a personal trainer.  Plus, [...]

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Matt’s Inside Look: Construction Job by Day, Personal Trainer School at Night

Now that we're on the 2nd half of our 7-week Personal Trainer Certification course, it's time for a recap of Matt's progress so far.  He's proving to be an inspiring role model and is navigating our accelerated career prep program with passion, dedication and a great work ethic!  Check out his recap of the first [...]

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Matt’s Inside Look: Why I Want to be a Personal Trainer

Wondering if being a personal trainer might be the right career for you?  Join Matt and get an inside look on his journey through our 7-week program. He'll be sharing his experiences about: our live classes with instructors who also work as personal trainers the PTA Global curriculum created by 24 of the world's leading [...]

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Transformation to Trainer: Grad Spotlight

    Nicole went from athlete, to unhealthy, to fitness-focused and has experienced a transformation - physical and purposeful.  Now she's working as a personal trainer and feels fulfilled daily as she helps clients reach their goals.  She loves being surrounded by a team of people that help her prioritize and improve on her own [...]

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Finding My Purpose: Grad Spotlight

On January 2nd 2019 Moreza walked into Day 1 of the BCPTI personal training program looking for his purpose.  From our 7 week program to this 7 month update, here's his story. Part One - beginning of class "Hello, my name is Moreza.  I’m originally from Tehran, Iran.  My dad got me into working out when [...]

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From Client to Trainer: Grad Spotlight

My road to becoming a personal trainer all started with me being a personal training client. A little over two years ago I was working full time in a high pressure, high stress position in health care. I was unhappy with my appearance and struggling with anxiety. I tried multiple online training programs in an [...]

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Making your Passion your Paycheck: Grad Spotlight

"My name is Gerry Vinluan, Personal Trainer at Steve Nash Fitness World on Howe and Davie. I was involved in a variety of sports growing up and most of my adult years. Whether it was in various Martial Arts disciplines; Highschool Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and Track & Field; Dragon Boating or playing hockey with friends...I [...]

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Passion to Purpose: Grad Spotlight

"I will forever be grateful for everything BCPTI has taught me" I had always been active primarily through dance for 9 years and it wasn't until exactly 10 years ago that I tore the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in my knee, through cheer-leading that my world changed. Learning how to walk again for 3 months [...]

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Give Back To Impact: Grad Spotlight

My experience at BCPTI was honestly one of the turning points in my life! Before my journey as a fitness professional started, I trained at Steve Nash Fitness Clubs in Langley for 2 years with my personal trainer Tony! Watching the fitness team was the most inspiring thing ever and I was always jealous of [...]

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From Hiring a Personal Trainer to Becoming a Personal Trainer

My journey with the Fitness Industry began in 2012 at Steve Nash Fitness Clubs. I started working out at the Delta location at the age of 19. I wanted to make changes in my life with my weight and pursue a healthier lifestyle overall. Since I didn’t know what I was doing, I hired a [...]

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