Born and raised in Vancouver BC I am a true Vancouverite! At a young age I was a competitive gymnast, dancer, swimmer and performer. Being young, active and not having much knowledge of nutrition I really ate whatever I pleased. I am also half Filipino which means I was surrounded by the most delicious foods imaginable. If you’ve ever been to a Filipino party – you know you’re all about that lumpia!  It wasn’t until my late elementary / early high school years when I really started to feel and see the excess of weight pilling on and being only 4’11… a little went a long way. My doctor was concerned. So much so that I was placed into the BC Children’s Hospital Shape down Program. It was a 10 week long intervention program focusing on nutrition education, positive body image/self-esteem and weekly trainings w/ a certified Personal Trainer (my first experience with a PT). With the teachings of the program I had a abundance or knowledge but I knew I still needed more. I needed someone to help hold me accountable, consistent, and not let me give up when times got difficult and frustrating. It was at that point, I decided to visit Steve Nash Fitness World Cambie and enlist my very own PT and with their help over the next 3 years I was able to gradually lose roughly 40lbs!

Why Personal Training? I’ve always held a passion for helping others, but with the help of my Personal Trainer, I was able to redevelop my passion for health and fitness as well. With this, I decided to take my own personal experience and knowledge to help others achieve their goals just as I did. People could feel comfortable talking and opening up as I could very easily empathize as I was in the same boat not too long ago.  I didn’t just learn how to lose weight out of a text book – I lived it!

Why #BCPTI? Every day at the gym I would walk past posters, brochures and other BCPTI students with their #teamblueshirt practicum shirts on raving about their experience with the institute. I would always stop for a second and think… what if? Through further research and meeting the team behind it all I decided to take the leap. Over the period 7 weeks at the institute I learned more than I ever could have imagined. The program was intense and fast paced but more importantly, it all made sense. I personally am a visual learner. Sitting in a classroom starring into a textbook for hours is not my forte! At BCPTI, I experienced the perfect mix of both hands on and in class learning which I feel provided not only a exciting environment to stay engaged but soak up as much information as you could. Additionally, it truly prepared me for exactly what to expect in the real world working with clients and their diverse body needs.

Where am I now?  Fast forward to today, I am one of the Assistant Fitness Managers at the Cambie Steve Nash location. Yes – I’ve come full circle! Being a part of this company has truly made me into a better individual. I am stronger both physically and mentally. I have skills and life experiences that I believe could not have come from anywhere else.  It all started with BCPTI.


Sarah Boyes,

BCPTI Graduate

SNFC Personal Trainer & Assistant Fitness Manager