Nicci Clark:

“Ever since being rear ended in a car accident in August of 2014 and receiving multiple injuries to my neck, back, ribs, shoulders and hips, I have been on a furious and seriously dedicated mission to gain new strengths in an attempt to replace weakness and to find ways to cope with and manage pain by choosing to move and move properly everyday!

Before my journey for strength began however, the accident left me in very dark place physically and emotionally. I was so close to finishing a new career as a Hearing Aid Practitioner and I desperately tried to finish it with a failed attempt due to my injury pain and discomfort! Suddenly I started hating life as I lost control over so much and was forced to abandon roles I used to take pride and happiness being in. I felt sad, hopeless, lonely and scared about the way I was left feeling after the accident and all the things I began losing control over. Along with the pain and weakness, I felt as though my posture had changed and it was hard to keep upright naturally without discomfort or quick fatigue. I kept thinking and hoping that massage therapy and physio treatments were going to fix everything. Perhaps it helped alleviate pain temporarily, but I began to realize it was the moving, stretching, and exercises the Canadian Back Institute (CBI) were encouraging me to do along with my treatments that seemed to give a me way to deal with and cope with the pain management. And just like that, I balled up all that anger, sadness, frustration, pain, hatred, and loneliness and began to take control over the only thing I had left as everything else was slipping away.

Suddenly, my #beastmode for self preservation was born! I continue on my good fight for pain management, strength, mobility and range of motion to this day! I have now fallen in love with working out as the gym  is therapy in many ways for me. After about a year in rehab at CBI I finally graduated and was released into the world with a new hunger and passion to continue training as my pain and mobility issues/restrictions were not gone. What luck I chose Steve Nash Fitness World as the place to release my hungry beast as I suddenly found myself in a world where I belonged and the people working there understood my journey and believed in my passion and dedication to better myself. I was already committed with a passion but I didn’t know just how much I needed these people until I started meeting them! Chris Wyndham is an honorable mention as I feel he truly went above and beyond for me and in such a way that has helped me succeed and continues to do so to this day in his own special way! Thanks again so much for everything you’ve done for me along the way, Chris.

Chris also encouraged me since we met to become a Personal trainer as he saw the furious passion I had for #SMR, #cardio and weight training. Not only did he plant the seed but he helped it grow, I’ll never forget it!

That leads me into where I am today! Thanks to the fitness teams encouragement, as well as a good friend of mine, Allan, who also believed in me and my fitness journey so much so that he made it possible for me to attend the British Columbia Personal Training Institute (#BCPTI) so that I could certify to become a personal trainer! I did not know just how great of an impact this was going to have on my life until I met the staff at BCPTI and was not only a student but instantly a part of the Team Blue Shirt Family!!!

After meeting the school Coordinator, Christina Taylor and the Lead Instructor, Chad Benson, I knew instantly that I was in the best hands for my education and support through it all! And let me tell you, these two really are amazing leaders, teachers, supporters and role models to so many as they constantly rise above and beyond and go the extra mile for all of their students and especially those they see that have such a passion for the industry!! I would have to say that I am blessed to have met these two as they really are amazing at what they do individually and together! And once you’ve earned your way to become a #TeamBlue Shirt crew, you become a part of their family too! Thank you SO much Christina, Chad and team! Having your strength, endless support and encouragement feels like a dream! And because of you two, I feel ready and prepared for success. I appreciate you guys more than you know and truly believe you are THE BEST!

I love you guys and I’ll shout it out loud! That and now that I’m #NASMCertified, I look forward to making my family proud!

To all of those struggling, I offer you hope, and encourage you to walk the same path I did in order to help you cope and make a difference. In all of my fury, dark times and fight, I have finally found a place where people have shed some light! And after everything I’ve been through, being right here, right now, is an absolute blessing. The moment you stop giving up on yourself, is when things begin to feel right! May you start believing in yourselves again. When you do, hold on to it tight and never give up the good fight!

At #BCPTI, I have earned much more than just a certificate in the end, I have met amazing people I now call friends.”

Nicci Clark
BCPTI Graduate & SNFC Personal Trainer