Joshua Russell is a Corrective Exercise (NASM) and Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM), whose training style adapts to any client he works with, prioritizing enjoyment of exercise and adherence to the program above all else.

Hilltop Academy is where Joshua received his first of many Personal Training Certifications. He graduated with honors and was eager to continue his education journey. Over the years, he has collected many certifications that range from Kettlebell training to TRX Suspension Training from Trigger Point Therapy to Metabolic Conditioning. Joshua’s discovery of various fitness tools and training principles kept his training style fresh and adaptive, which allows him to help many clients using vastly personalized techniques.


Understanding the complexity of Personal Training as a whole, Joshua felt a responsibility to share what he had learned with others. This sense of duty led to Joshua’s recruitment to the British Columbia Personal Training Institute, which would grant him the platform that he needed to share his passion for fitness with like-minded individuals who also want to enrich the lives of those in their community.


With five years of experience in the fitness industry under his belt, Joshua makes fitness the best part of his day by bringing bright and infectious energy to every member, client, student, and co-worker interaction. Whether leading a small group fitness class, coaching an athlete through high-intensity anaerobic intervals, goal planning with clients and co-workers, or racing down a mountain on his bike, Joshua feels at home.


You can follow Joshua on Instagram @1wheyfit, or visit him at the Semiahmoo Fitness World location.