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About Joshua Russell

Joshua is BCPTI's Lead Instructor and loves both teaching classes and getting out into the community to connect with aspiring fitness professionals and our program graduates alike. As a young athlete and then also a minor league football coach, finding a career in fitness was an easy choice and he has worked in many roles - personal trainer, group instructor, club manager, educator & mentor.

Reflecting On A Pandemic Year – Josh

As I reflect and write this article, it has been a full 365 days since COVID-based restrictions shut doors in most communities. Initially, it was a fearful time for many. But, as it normally goes with stressful experiences, we all adapted in one way or another. For many of my previous co-workers, it meant flexing their entrepreneurial [...]

A New Take on New Year’s Resolutions

    December is almost over and, with it, another year concludes. 2020, for many, was the most challenging year full of unprecedented challenges and delayed plans. Personally, my wife and I had to cancel our honeymoon days before our departure date. I lost my job and had to adapt my approach to my clients’ new “quarantine [...]

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16 Exercises for Building an Awesome Ankle

Hello, and welcome to the first of many Corrective Exercise Continuum protocol guides; pronation of the ankle. This article's purpose is to provide the extra rationale for recommended exercises, provide videos demonstrating good form and good coaching, and create a library for your clients to study. In today's protocol, we will be looking at one [...]

Foam Rolling and the Cumulative Injury Cycle

We all begin our lives in much the same way. As infants, we were subject to a simple summary of forces: gravity, our body weight, and whatever we could hold in our hands. We spent most of our time rolling on the floor, crawling from room to room, and trying to figure out how to [...]

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Meet the Team: Joshua Russell

Joshua Russell is a Corrective Exercise (NASM) and Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM), whose training style adapts to any client he works with, prioritizing enjoyment of exercise and adherence to the program above all else. Hilltop Academy is where Joshua received his first of many Personal Training Certifications. He graduated with honors and was eager to [...]

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BCPTI Feature: The Lifestyle Collective Blog

BCPTI is proud to be a hub for passionate people. While our CPT program is an accelerated 7-week experience, we make meaningful connections with our students, instructors and community partners because we come together over a passion for fitness, learning and making a positive impact in the lives of those we serve. So we're happy [...]

What it Means to be a Life Changer

"Darlene is in her 70’s and she had gotten used to her routine and lifestyle, so any type of change would prove challenging."   Trainers are a lot like Super Heroes. Some of us have super speed, some have super strength, and some have seemingly impossible ranges of flexibility. Whatever our super power may be, [...]

Is Spot Training Real?

“Spot Fat Reduction” is one of the most requested goals I work with daily. - Josh Russell, BCPTI Instructor I hear many people talk about one or two specific places on their body that they would like to lose fat from. I understand the motivation for six-pack abs or toned arms, and there are plenty [...]

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