NASM – Performance Enhancement Specialist

Master the art of performance enhancement for athletes from weekend warriors to professionals. Start helping clients reach their peak performance goals today!

With NASM’s Performance Enhancement Specialization, you’ll learn how to provide cutting-edge strength and conditioning training for your clients. You’ll gain the advanced knowledge, insight, and skills needed to help clients of all levels reach their peak performance potential.

Location: BCPTI

Certification Dates: October 15th & 16th.

Course Fee: $899 + GST (payment plans available)


  • NASM PES Self-Study Course
  • Access to BCPTI PES Workshop

Registration Limit: 20 (to ensure social distancing).

Pre-Approved CECs: 1.9 for NASM

What You Will Learn

The NASM-PES was initially developed as the sixth phase (Maximal Power) of the Optimum Performance Training® (OPT™) model, which means you’ll gain the benefits of a performance program built on evidence-based research, a systematic approach, integrated exercise programs, and more. You’ll learn how to apply the knowledge and methods of the proven OPT™ model to strength and condition training to help enhance your clients’ performance.

Specializing in Performance Enhancement with NASM won’t just benefit your clients. It can stretch your earning potential too, and it’s not just for Personal Trainers either. This program applies to anyone who works directly with athletes to improve their performance on the field, court, or ice.

The 16 modules in this program will also help you meet the demands necessary of a Sports Performance Professional at all levels of sport by providing you with the tools you need to improve your clients’ speed, agility, quickness, lifting, and more.

The Workshop

Day 1: Performance Training Techniques and Programming Strategies

Day 2: Training the Athlete

Put all the theory into practice with this 16 hour, 2-day workshop with Performance Enhancement Specialist Joshua Russell (@1wheyfit). During this weekend, we will dive into the Performance Enhancement strategies outlined in the textbook, allowing students to work through best cueing practices while also experiencing the techniques for themselves. Programming principles for Performance Enhancement are best learned through discussion as no two clients are the same.

About Performance Enhancement Specialist – Joshua Russell

@1wheyfit – Instagram

Joshua has participated in organized sports his whole life and couldn’t imagine a life without it. In the gym Monday to Friday, in the mountains, or on the pitch on Saturday and Sunday.

Joshua specializes in Corrective Exercise (with plenty of injuries being tested in the past) and Performance Enhancement Programming (across various sports and activities).

Program optimization is made possible due to Joshua’s library of modality certifications including:

Self-Study Curriculum

Section 1: Performance Training Techniques

Section 2: Programming Strategies

Section 3: Testing in Sports Performance

Section 4: Training the Athlete

Studying with BCPTI provides students with additional learning resources such as chapter worksheetsblog recommendations, and practical learning opportunities.

All BCPTI courses are non-transferable and non-refundable. **