NASM – Corrective Exercise Specialist

“By becoming a Corrective Exercise Specialist, you’ll help prevent injuries and optimize performance.”

Corrective Exercise is one of the foundational pieces of a comprehensive exercise program. Regardless of athletic ability or fitness level, almost every person has some degree of imbalances and movement dysfunction, leading to issues with posture, balance, and total body coordination. These imbalances and compensations can lead to decreased flexibility or a lack of core and joint stability. By becoming a Corrective Exercise Specialist, you’ll help prevent injuries and optimize performance.

Location: BCPTI

Certification Dates: Aug 19th & 20th.

Course Fee: $899 $799+ GST (payment plans available). Early bird $699 ends Aug 7th.

Preferred pricing is available for select groups. Contact us to see if you are eligible.

Registration Limit: 20

Pre-Approved CECs: 1.9 for NASM


What you will learn

Specializing in Corrective Exercise with NASM can stretch your earning potential along with your clients’ abilities to reduce the risk of injury—helping them move, feel and live better.

By becoming a Corrective Exercise Specialist, you’ll take your fitness career and ability to help your clients to new levels. You’ll learn how to assess clients in a whole new way. It will help you better identify their movement compensations, where they are weak or strong, and hone your ability to use that knowledge to design effective and efficient programs.

You’ll take your ability to assess clients from generalized to specific, breaking assessments down into smaller, more in-depth pieces so you can identify different parts of the body in need of attention.

From clients who spend all day at a desk to professional athletes and everyone in between, NASM’s Corrective Exercise Specialist program will help you make them move and feel better.

There are 2 major portions of this certification through BCPTI. First, there is an 18 chapter self-study textbook followed by a 2-day Weekend Workshop at our private training facility.

The Workshop

Day 1: Assessments and Corrective Strategies

Day 2: Programming and Evaluations

Put all the theory into practice with this 16 hour, 2-day workshop with Corrective Exercise Specialist. During this weekend, we will dive into the Corrective Exercise strategies outlined in the textbook, allowing students to work through best cueing practices while also experiencing the techniques for themselves. Programming principles for Corrective Exercise are best learned through discussion as no two clients are the same. Evaluations give students an opportunity to test their skills and receive feedback on their programming and cueing techniques.


Self-Study Curriculum

Section 1: Intro to Corrective Exercise Training

Section 2: Corrective Exercise Techniques

Section 3: Assessment

Section 4: Programming Strategies

Studying with BCPTI provides students with additional learning resources such as chapter worksheetsblog recommendations, and practical learning opportunities.