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About Kim Tasin

Kim was first introduced to exercise at an early age when her father would bring her along and place her in the childminding at Fitness World Langley for the duration of his workouts. Eventually, Kim accompanied her father on the gym floor for 5AM workouts and developed a passion for fitness that has influenced her education and career path. Now a University of Fraser Valley graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, Kim works in the very gyms she grew up in as a personal trainer. Exercise has made a great impact on Kim’s confidence, physique, physical capabilities, and overall has empowered her in many aspects of her life thus far. Therefore, Kim’s mission is to make sure that other individuals have the opportunity to experience how life changing it is to making exercise a part of daily living. Kim graduated from BCPTI in July of 2019 and is currently working out of Fitness World Semiahmoo in South Surrey. Joining the education team at BCPTI is an exciting new opportunity to share her passion, develop new skills and continue to explore everything the fitness industry has to offer!

Beyond the Session – Client Support

Although I have only been in the fitness industry for about two years, it is evident that client needs are constantly evolving. Although client needs are changing, technology and other modalities have become popular to support our clients beyond the session. Currently, trainers, fitness companies, and coaches have access to tools that allow clients to [...]

Learning from a Pandemic

We are THRILLED to be welcoming a new instructor to the team - BCPTI graduate Kim Tasin! She completed our program in 2019 and has worked as a trainer while completing her BSc Kinesiology at UFV. Kim brings a calm, intelligent passion to the team and students will be able to learn a lot from [...]