Dr. Jordan Shallow

Whether you’re a trainer, a coach, a clinician or an athlete, this course will teach you everything you need to know about proper movement assessment, preparation and execution — the essentials to make your best even better, based on the Pre-Script® principles of Mobility-Stability-Strength™

The Pre-Script Hypertrophy Course description:

  • Principles of Resistance Training: Learn the essential elements of effective and efficient resistance training.
  • Functional Anatomy: Students will be taught how to identify anatomical variations of muscular and structural anatomy that will allow them to confidently prescribe exercise specific to any clients’ size or shape.
  • Applied Biomechanics: This course takes conventional biomechanics off the whiteboard, and onto the gym floor, allowing you to apply principles of human movement to your client’s exercise selection and execution in order to expedite results and minimize risk. 
  • Exercise Programming: Learn how to select and structure, progress and regress exercises in a meaningful way that will streamline your coaching process and improve your client outcomes.

**Not the same as the online Pre-script level 1 course.

Location: BCPTI

Certification Dates: May 6-7 9 AM to 5 PM

About Dr. Jordan Shallow

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Jordan is a chiropractor and a competitive powerlifter who champions getting movement right, from the outset. Jordan’s patients and clients range from world-class athletes to 9-5 weekend warriors. Understanding the needs of the individual, and the subsequent demands that a particular lifestyle imposes on each person, is the cornerstone on which his clinical practice is built and provides the guidance for him to provide the best care, to everyone.

All BCPTI courses are non-transferable and non-refundable. **