What is Landmine Athletics?

Landmine Athletics is a 1 day workshopfocused on how to best leverage the landmine.

The landmine is a training tool originally developed by Sorinex that allows for the execution of various exercise variations in a unique way. The landmine is a tool that allows for the attachment of a barbell and the movements to occur within the pivot point of the tool.


  • You will learn the fundamentals of the landmine and how it’s unique properties affects movement depending on execution and intention.
  • We will look at how to integrate the landmine to train for mobility, stability, strength and power. Exercise variations based on the goal will be explained, taught and then executed as teach backs to better facilitate coaching skills
  • Emphasis on skill transfer, technique work and body awareness through highlighting athletic movement patterns like the clean and jerk and snatch.
    • Exercise execution, teach backs, regressions and progressions as well as example programming for mobility, stability, strength and power.

When/Where: June 23rd from 9-5pm @ #140 – 6351 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC

Course Fee: 

About Brian Truong

@mygymshorts – Instagram

Brian is the current Director of Fitness Education for BCPTI and Fitness World Canada. His career in fitness has spanned over 11 years where he got his start at BCPTI.

Over the years, Brian continued to support clients through integrating his counselling psychology background into his personal training. This has allowed for a more holistic approach in helping others.

Brian’s interests involve a little of everything, jack of all trades but master of none. He has competed in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting and continues to practice a variety of modalities such as calisthenics, gymnastics, kettlebells, bulgarian bags, and more.

All BCPTI courses are non-transferable and non-refundable. **