by Etienne Asselin & Ryan Taylor

Effective training doesn’t require complexity. In the world of Hypertrophy, basic principles are KING.


  1. Exercise Mechanics demystified
  2. Upper body biomechanics, exercise selection and cueing
  3. Lower body biomechanics, exercise selection and cueing
  4. Pec + Lat mechanics
  5. The ribcage, our anatomical pulley
  6. Periodization principles for muscle building
  7. Nutritional principles for muscle gain and
    body composition
  8. Squat mechanics
  9. And much more

Location: #140 – 6351 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC

Certification Dates: March 2-3, 2024. ~9-5pm.

Course Fee: 
Early Bird: $599 (ends Feb 21st at 9pm EST)
Regular: $699
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About the Instructors:

@dynamis_athletic – Ryan’s Instagram
@theexercisemechanic – Etienne’s Instagram

Ryan Taylor:

  • Personal Trainer since 2012, working for both Goodlife Fitness and Movati Athletic between 2012 and 2023. Honoured as a Top 1000 employee on several occasions with Goodlife and was awarded the Top Performing Trainer for Movati in 2022.
  • Achieved a Level 5 status as a trainer.
  • Both at Goodlife and Movati, organized and taught a series of educational seminars to trainers on functional anatomy and biomechanics.
  • Currently working exclusively within the online fitness space, training both gen-pop as well as competitive athletes.
  • Education includes, but is not limited to, Functional Range Conditioning, Resistance Training Specialist, PreScript Hypertrophy, Human 2.0, Precision Nutrition, and Westside Strength and Conditioning.
  • Past, present and future: Competed as a powerlifter up until 2018, and as a bodybuilder, winning 1st place as a Heavyweight and Overall winner in 2023 at the Sudbury Classic.

Etienne Asselin MhRTS

“With more than 15,000 client hours, Etienne is one of 5 Canadian fitness professionals holding the Honors designation from RTS International. Known as a “body whisperer” to this clientele, his specialty lies in getting his clients “unstuck” and back on track to living fulfilling lives unhindered by pain. Etienne takes a pragmatic approach blending mechanical, physiological and psychological factors when creating customized solutions for his clients. He also owns & operates the Cadaver Exploration Workshop (a cadaver workshop for personal trainers) and recently launched his flagship program, “The Exercise Mechanic”.”

  • Personal trainer since 2009
  • Received Mastery designation with Honours from RTS International
  • Canadian Instructor for RTS International
  • Founder of The Exercise Mechanic
  • Founder & head instructor of The Cadaver Exploration Workshop 

All BCPTI courses are non-transferable and non-refundable. **