Day 1 – traditional BIG 3 assessment, analysis and practice

Day 2 – correctives, programming, video analysis, alternative barbell movements


  1. Learn WHEN, HOW and WHY to incorporate barbell training into your periodised training program
  • Learn how to effectively SCREEN your mobility and select the appropriate barbell, set up and movement pattern for you/your client based on your NEEDS and GOALS.
  • Learn how to develop and improve POSITIONING and TECHNIQUE in barbell movements through PROGRESSIONS, REGRESSIONS and MOBILITY/STABILITY improvements.
  • Increase your MOVEMENT LIBRARY and in turn efficacy/value as a coach by adding unconventional barbell movements to your repertoire
  • Develop your COACH’S EYE, utilizing VIDEO ANALYSIS to improve your impact as a coach and help build more VALUE for your current and PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS.
  • Learn how to PROGRAM barbell movements for each phase of your PERIODIZATION model, depending on your goals/outcomes and current capacities.

Location: #140 – 6351 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC

Certification Dates: Dec 16-17, 2023. ~9-5pm.

Course Fee: 
External: $449 early bird (ends Dec 4th) / $549 regular
FW Staff contact us for specific pricing.

About Robert McCullough

Paul Meakin

@resurgence_training – Instagram

Paul Meakin has accumulated over 7000 hours of 1:1 personal training sessions since beginning his career as a Personal Trainer with GoodLife Fitness in 2014 before setting up Resurgence Training in February 2019. Within 3 years Paul had been promoted to Divisional Manager for Personal Training in BC, responsible for 7 clubs and over 110 PT’s. In this time he focused on education, with over 60% of his team gaining level advancement and increasing the hours worked per trainer from 75 a month to 105 on average.

Paul has completed 12 further certifications since graduating top of his class at Strathclyde University and uses this experience in multiple systems to help clients and coaches improve their movement capacity. Despite the challenges of Covid-19 Resurgence Training has thrived, generating a 6 figure income yearly from an entirely referral based business while developing an extensive corrective video library hosted on YouTube.

This is your chance to come and learn from one of your own, a coach who knows your systems and can help you leverage your knowledge and skills to build a successful career and level up your business all while improving your own physical performance.

All BCPTI courses are non-transferable and non-refundable. **