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About Shelley Sheren

Shelley is one of the original instructors from when BCPTI was first created. She transitioned from a medical lab technician career into fitness and has accumulated a wealth of high level certifications that make her an exceptional trainer & educator. While she attempts retirement, you will be lucky to find Shelley educating our graduates through the internal education platform of our job partner, Steve Nash Fitness Clubs.

Setting Clients Up for Success

Clients come to us for our knowledge and expertise. It’s our job to use those skills in order to help our clients reach their goals. This can involve the manipulation of many variables over time but firstly a plan must be put in place. This plan will look different for everyone but there is a [...]

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Stretching & Mobility

Right off the hop, let’s be clear, the authors of this article are either certified in or extensively practiced in all methods included in this article. That doesn’t mean we are experts in each discipline listed below, but it certainly means we have a reasonably informed opinion. PS. If you haven’t heard of TFM, you will [...]

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