Somatic Senses – Kettlebell Science Level 1

“For trainers and coaches looking to learn kettlebells and improve foundational movement and coaching competencies.”

If you want to learn kettlebells as they apply in a wide variety of settings from rehab to performance, rather than relying on purely tradition, then this course is for you. We approach kettlebells as movement optimists, utilizing what we know from the research and clinical experience to integrate kettlebell systems into the broader landscape of what is going on in the performance and rehab worlds today. We teach just as many principles as we do techniques. We give you tools and make sure you understand where they fit in the toolbox. After learning kettlebells with us, you won’t just know how, but more importantly you’ll know why and when to use kettlebells.

Location: BCPTI

Certification Dates: To be Determined.

Course Fee: $499 + GST (option to reserve your spot for $100)

Registration Limit: 25 (to ensure social distancing).

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What exactly are we going to do?

  • Learn kettlebell training from both ends of the spectrum: detrained and rehab oriented, all the way to fitness and performance oriented.
  • Learn what the research says, what it doesn’t say, and where we can learn from other disciplines in our use of kettlebells.
  • Understand what proper and poor technique look like and why it matters
  • Learn when to use kettlebells, when not to, and what tools are right for what applications.
  • Learn systematic progressions of the kettlebell movements from basic (eg; deadlift) to advanced (eg; bottoms up presses and carries)
  • Understand the nuances of kettlebells as an implement and why/how you should use them with your clients.
  • Learn the cues that are most likely to bring about the desired movement outcomes.
  • Learn the clinical and performance implications of the common kettlebell movements (swings, for example) for all populations.
  • How to regress kettlebell training for the detrained client.
  • How to progress kettlebell training and close the gap between the clinic and the gym.
  • Learn how to implement kettlebells with other human movement systems and assessments (such as the SFMA and DNS).

About Dr. Benjamin J Stevens

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Dr. Stevens holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of New Brunswick as well as a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from the Palmer College of Chiropractic West Campus. He started a personal training career over 20 years ago at a local YMCA. He has been in clinical practice in Kelowna, BC, Canada since 2011. Having worked extensively with multiple major sports organizations and their athletes, as well as every day clients in pain, Dr. Stevens understands the common grounds between all people. Dr. Stevens has accumulated an average of 100-200 continuing education hours per year for almost 10 years, thanks in part to his ownership in Somatic Senses, but also form years of instructing and taking courses throughout the health and fitness field. Learning from Dr. Stevens means you can pull on experience with a broad range of educational systems, principles, and techniques.

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