Welcome to the BC Personal Training Institute

With a combined 25 years of experience in the fitness industry, our team will give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed. By providing classroom and in-gym training you’ll be well versed in both the scientific and practical approach to personal training. Our new 7-week layout has allowed for reduced class sizes for more one on one attention.



Affordable personal training certification in Vancouver from top instructors

Are you passionate about health and fitness? Yes? Then make it a career! The demand for Personal Trainers is at an all time high. Join this growing industry and become a fitness leader today. Our seven-week program is designed to get you ready for a fast-paced, client oriented and ever-evolving workplace. We’re so confident in our state of the art program we guarantee all of our graduates a job placement within 60 days of completing the course. First in our class, second to none.

Our three ‘S’ System: Service, Science and Sales. This simple formula is designed to help our students succeed in the workplace. Each student will be taught the science behind personal training, how to create an exceptional client experience and learn how to employ consultative sales techniques.


Here’s what our graduates have to say about BCPTI

“My name is Aaron Shan, Assistant Fitness Manager at Steve Nash . I graduated from BCPTI and was certified through NASM in December 2014. BCPTI led me into the fitness industry. Their World Class education team are knowledgeable about science, service and sales, and most importantly, they are willing to share their experiences from years’ and years’ of practice to make BCPTI graduates successful in the industry. BCPTI also provides real job practicums that allows students to be familiar with their position before they start.”


BCPTI Graduate & Assistant Fitness Manager

“I am so happy and grateful that I decided to take this course with BCPTI. I feel I have learned very important information about how to succeed in the Fitness Industry from both Chad and Shelley.”


BCPTI Graduate & Personal Trainer

“Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you and your trainers! This past year has been remarkable for me. At the beginning of February I stood on my scale and was 207lbs after Sunday dinner. Soon after, I was in Yaletown for a coffee with a friend. I dropped my name in a Steve Nash box in Quiznos hoping to win a free year membership. I was just employed by a clothing company and had bought a closet full of 36″ waist jeans. Jasmine (Yaletown) brought me in for a free training session in February and showed me exactly how out of shape I was – 27%BF. Tony continued to motivate me and showed me how much harder I could be working in the two re-evaluation sessions along the way. After my last evaluation in July, Tony and Meghan both suggested that I look into becoming a personal trainer. Along those 9 months of training, I constantly thought to myself “If I get another opportunity to stand on the Tanita machine, I want it to be better.” My most recent Tanita script had me at 11%BF. I am wearing pants that I haven’t been able to fit in 7 years – 30″ waist. There was a lot of hard work on my part along the way, however, having the Tanita measurements on the back of my mind helped keep me motivated. Yaletown has demonstrated a winning combination of sales, service and science. Not only am I in shape, I am about to start a career that I am passionate about. My life has been truly impacted in all areas because of SNFC and BCPTI. Thank you!”


BCPTI Graduate & Personal Trainer

“My Experience with BCPTI was incredible from start to finish. The coordination and organization was spot on! The content of the course gave me the tools to go into the industry and see success. Chad and Shelley have such in-depth knowledge and passion for education. I felt inspired, challenged and supported throughout the whole experience. Thank you BCPTI!”


BCPTI Graduate & Personal Trainer

“Doing my NASM certification through BCPTI was the best decision of my life. I couldn’t have been more prepared for the real world after completing the program. At BCPTI steps are taken to ensure success. They have found a way to teach the science and service aspect in an efficient and direct manner. Every trainer I have met who has gone through this program have been the most prepared. Thanks to Chad, Shelley and Christina my career is off to a great start. Thank you for inspiring, challenging and supporting me to be the best I can be!”


BCPTI Graduate, Personal Trainer & Fitness Manager

“It feels amazing to be around people that are into the same passion and mind set that you are. I enjoyed the diversity within my classmates- it’s amazing to be in a room with people that share a love for fitness but all want to express it in different ways. To all the teachers and especially Christina: thank you so much for making this program about the success of the ongoing trainers. It astonished me how you guys cared so much about us. Highly recommend this program for people wanting to excel in their fitness goals, learn more about fitness, or expand their knowledge and obtain a career within the field. Thank you guys for this opportunity!”


BCPTI Graduate

“Seriously, words will never express how important, relevant and interesting this 7 week intensive course was. Teachers including Chad, Shelley, Teresa and Brian as well as INCREDIBLE top class service from their coordinator Christina, make the whole experience worth it. The way they prepare you for the fitness industry is super real, practical and easy to understand. I would 11/10 recommend this course to anyone even if you are just needing relevant fitness knowledge. If you are interested in joining the industry, this is a MUST and a HUGE step up compared to any other Personal Training certifications out there. I am now walking out with my National Academy of Sports Medicine that can be used world wide and I could not be more excited!


BCPTI Graduate & Personal Trainer