Lindy Drope,

BCPTI Graduate

“The first day at BCPTI was the day I knew I had found my calling”

My journey began in Kelowna when I landed what I thought would be my dream job at the front desk at the brand new Steve Nash Fitness World. After a few short weeks of practicing handstands at the front desk and spending time watching in envy as the trainers worked with their clients, the Fitness Manager at the time persisted in encouraging me to attend the BCPTI so I could become a trainer. I knew I was not cut out to stand behind a desk or answer phone calls so I took her advice!

The first day at BCPTI was the day I knew I had found my calling. To this day the team remains my mentors and people I still strive to be like. It was there that my career and passion ignited faster than I could have ever anticipated. I continued to work hard at what I loved to do, viewing each day as a new challenge with a new lesson to learn. I was excited everyday at class and left each day to rush home and go study or practice what I was learning on myself or family. I felt I was FINALLY with people who understood me and was overwhelmed with the amount of powerful information I was learning. 

I had always been trained by a coach or a trainer but I never understood the “why” behind it all.  My passion grew each day in class and once I was officially a certified personal trainer, my number one priority was to start working at Steve Nash Morgan Crossing, as this is where I had done my practicum and was familiar with the gym and people. I had EVERYTHING planned out and my mind was set, I would be a trainer at Steve Nash Morgan Crossing. 

Instead, the following week I got notified by Christina I did NOT get placed at Morgan Crossing, what I had THOUGHT was my dream. But instead I was placed Steve Nash in Langley. I was assured this was the best fit for me and my success but it wasn’t what I had planned. This was my first brush of adversity in my career. A new gym, new members, new trainers. It was scary.

I can honestly say, Steve Nash Langley has changed me and helped me grow in so many ways and I am forever grateful for the decision to place me there. I am now part of a family and I have never felt so grateful for my career! There has not been a single day with this company where I have not grown in one way or another.  I feel blessed to do what I do and grateful to be making a difference in people’s lives doing what I love to do.

As I kept gaining knowledge and education, I began studying the art of communication and relationships. I never realized what big of an impact I could have until my first few months of working. I started taking on more clients and had quickly hit a “full time trainer” status and never looked back. My first year as a trainer I achieved a company rookie record for sales putting me in the Top 3 in the company. This doesn’t even come CLOSE to the amount of success I felt in terms of my clients and the relationships I had made. There is not one day that goes by where I am not learning, and each night I go to bed grateful for the day ahead to come back and do it again! I could have not have done all of this with out the outstanding education and continued support from the BCPTI team. I now average 10-13 clients a day and am still taking courses and extra education every chance I get!” 

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