As of May 2018, We are powered by the PTA Global, which we believe is the most aligned in preparing trainers for the demands of the booming fitness industry. We also have the best in the industry teaching you! Our instructors are currently active and working in the industry and everything that is taught in-class is applicable and industry relevant to up and coming trainers.
Students must be at least 18 years, have a high school diploma or be a mature student, have a passion for fitness, and be eager to start or grow their career.
Although we can’t guarantee that your PTA Global certification will be accepted by every single employer in Canada,  we can guarantee that PTA Global is a globally recognized certification with founders highly esteemed in the fitness industry. We do also guarantee job placement here in BC upon successful completion of the course with our placement partners (SNFC, UFC Gym BC or Crunch Fitness)
This is a common misconception but no, you are not required to hold certification with BCRPA in order to work in BC. Speak with our Program Coordinator to better understand the benefits of PTA Global!
Successful completion of the program guarantees job placement with our placement partners, Steve Nash Fitness Clubs, UFC Gym BC or CRUNCH Fitness. Although we do guarantee placement,  the PTA Global CPT is globally recognized which will allow you to land a training position in other fitness facilities.
You will need to sit for the PTA Global CPT exam, which is included in your tuition costs. This exam is proctored by an external testing center due to the certification accreditation.
Our students will be granted guaranteed job placement upon successful completion of the BCPTI program and passing of the PTA Global CPT exam. This placement is available full time, part-time, permanent, though the standard 90 day probationary period will still apply.

If the student wishes, we are able to defer placement for up to 6 months following successful completion of the program. After 1 year without action, the guaranteed placement is voided.

Your tuition includes:

  • PTA Global online CPT program ($759 USD)
  • PTA Global CPT textbook ($55)
  • CPT exam proctored by PSI ($200)
  • Fitness CPR & AED training ($200)
  • approx 100 class hours with the industry’s best educators (found elsewhere upwards of $5000)
  • exclusive and proprietary practical service & sales education (found in entrepreneurial programs for $1000 or more)
  • 15+ hour in-club practicum placement to see the inner workings of the industry (priceless)
Since CPR is mandatory in order to take your exam, it is bundled into the total cost of the program therefore we are unable to discount tuition. As it is included, it is recommended you attend regardless. If you wish not to attend, you will not be required to be in class that day.
Yes! In most cases we are able to accommodate special schedule requests as both schedule options follow the same syllabus. If you exchange the same content day, it is something we are happy to do.

Tuition Refund Policy

Because of the delivery medium of the course content, BCPTI tuition is non-refundable under any circumstances without sufficient documentation stating the students inability to complete the program.