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BCPTI Web Chat Series #8: Kat Barefield is Back!

Kat's back and this time we dig in a little more around the difference between tools vs systems, what coaching a client in nutrition actually looks like (it's not just about knowing lots of stuff) and a couple of non-negotiables that trainers have to work from in terms of human body science and the rules [...]

BCPTI Web Chat Series #7: Jolaine Wiens

Jolaine is a personal trainer specializing in older adults and clients with health challenges. She shares some really important information about training these types of clients and has an inspiring message for any trainers considering a similar niche.

BCPTI Web Chat Series #6: Chris O’Hare

Chris is a former teammate, a former BCPTI instructor and we've had some cool adventures together. It was great to catch up with him on the web chat series! We talk about "paying yourself first" as a trainer and how important that is to building your business and sustaining your career.

BCPTI Web Chat Series #5: Kat Barefield dotFIT

Kat is the VP of Nutrition Services at dotFIT and an absolute pro when it comes to nutrition science and behaviour change. We chat about what to focus on during these uncertain times and how to manage the change of being stuck at home in terms of achieving goals or, at least, not falling into [...]

BCPTI Web Chat Series #4: Greg Elliott

How I met Greg is kind of a funny story. I'd been looking into HRV and found a course online that had been created by a couple of guys from Vancouver. I was signing in to their webinars and thought it sounded pretty cool so I registered for their Foundations in HRV course and ordered [...]

BCPTI Web Chat Series #3: Sarah Jamieson

Sarah Jamieson is an exceptional trainer, educator and the co-creator of Durability - formerly of Onnit and now working with clients all over the world through her online platform. She lends her considerable talents as a guest speaker for NCSA, a Master Instructor for PPSC and does all kinds of custom events and programming for [...]

BCPTI Web Chat Series #2: Nastasia Genova

Meet my former boss (and the best one I've ever had!) We had a great conversation about taking the leap, betting on yourself and having the "grit to not quit" in work and life. This is a fiery conversation but if you can handle the heat you're going to be super fired up!

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BCPTI Web Chat Series #1: Lindy Drope

Lindy Drope is a BCPTI grad and rose to being one of the top 3 trainers with SNFC within her first couple of years working as a trainer. We talk about how she became a trainer, obstacles that she had to overcome when she got started, and some of the resources that helped her develop. [...]