BCPTI Web Chat Series #11: Alex Van

Alex Van is a former client, the 2019 Success Story winner and a great friend. In honour of her 10 year "Cancerversary" 4/21/2010 we had a chat about adversity, identity and how rediscovering her physical confidence allowed her to move forward in her life to where she is now!

BCPTI Web Chat Series #9: Mike Lupenec

At the beginning of each class I share with the students that my background leading me to fitness was playing soccer. I was fortunate to be able to catch up with my coach from university days: Mike Lupenec. I wanted to chat with him because I think what I learned as an athlete and as [...]

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BCPTI Web Chat Series #6: Chris O’Hare

Chris is a former teammate, a former BCPTI instructor and we've had some cool adventures together. It was great to catch up with him on the web chat series! We talk about "paying yourself first" as a trainer and how important that is to building your business and sustaining your career.

BCPTI Web Chat Series #2: Nastasia Genova

Meet my former boss (and the best one I've ever had!) We had a great conversation about taking the leap, betting on yourself and having the "grit to not quit" in work and life. This is a fiery conversation but if you can handle the heat you're going to be super fired up!

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BCPTI Web Chat Series #1: Lindy Drope

Lindy Drope is a BCPTI grad and rose to being one of the top 3 trainers with SNFC within her first couple of years working as a trainer. We talk about how she became a trainer, obstacles that she had to overcome when she got started, and some of the resources that helped her develop. [...]

Trainer Tips: How to help your weight loss clients

  Meet Courtney – she’s a passionate fitness professional, a committed life-long learner and a BCPTI grad with an incredible story!  We asked her to share what it meant to achieve weight loss and a better mindset about fitness, and what her life/career has been like since she started working as a personal trainer.  Plus, [...]

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Transformation to Trainer: Grad Spotlight

    Nicole went from athlete, to unhealthy, to fitness-focused and has experienced a transformation - physical and purposeful.  Now she's working as a personal trainer and feels fulfilled daily as she helps clients reach their goals.  She loves being surrounded by a team of people that help her prioritize and improve on her own [...]

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Finding My Purpose: Grad Spotlight

On January 2nd 2019 Moreza walked into Day 1 of the BCPTI personal training program looking for his purpose.  From our 7 week program to this 7 month update, here's his story. Part One - beginning of class "Hello, my name is Moreza.  I’m originally from Tehran, Iran.  My dad got me into working out when [...]

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From Client to Trainer: Grad Spotlight

My road to becoming a personal trainer all started with me being a personal training client. A little over two years ago I was working full time in a high pressure, high stress position in health care. I was unhappy with my appearance and struggling with anxiety. I tried multiple online training programs in an [...]

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Setting More Helpful Goals

  How many times have you “started” something only to stop and then “start” again at a later date?   One of the main obstacles in reaching our goals is the type of goals we set! Fitness professionals usually find people set vague or general goals that may look similar to these: I want to [...]

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