About Logan

Logan is the Director of Education for Fitness World and the Lead Educator for BC Personal Training Institute. Logan has been working for Fitness World for 8 years and has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Certifications include TRX, RIP Trainer, Kettlebell, Bulgarian Bag, Trigger Point, Therapeutic Fascial Mobility, Keiser cycling, Biosignature and Muscle Testing. Getting into group fitness and personal training after a successful professional soccer career in Canada, the US and the UK Logan has since enjoyed inspiring all types of clients, members and team members in the fulfilling and fascinating world of fitness!

All About Hips

Did you know that your hips are the second most mobile joint in your body, after your shoulders? They are a really important gateway to movement and carry the load of your upper body allowing for almost all lower body movements. So, what’s a day in the life your hips look like? Do you sleep mostly on [...]

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Axle Evolution

The Axle Philosophy The Axle is a total body training program that allows each participant to tap into their inner athlete, harnessing core and muscle strength via multi-planar movement patterns. You’ll burn calories and build muscle fast with a combination of functional movements, tempo training, conditioning and core work. The Axle is fully scalable, so [...]

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What to Eat & Why

Canada’s New 2019 Food Guide             Canada’s Food Guide has evolved through the years.  And boy were we due for an update!  When I was a new trainer, I struggled with the fact that our scope of practice limited our conversations with clients to this government guide.  I mean who, pursuing weight loss, was going [...]

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The Perfect Cueing Formula

As a former club manager one of the things that was always really obvious to me when interviewing a trainer was that a more experienced trainer had a good cueing vocabulary and often repeated useful cues across different exercises (i.e.. core, posture, breathing and motivation,) but a new trainer tended to have a hard time [...]

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Assessments to Kick off Your 2019 Fitness Journey

When we teach our PTA Global Personal Trainer Certification, one of the tools we want to arm our students with is different types of fitness assessments.  These can empower trainers and their clients to know what exists, how it scores against human standards, where to focus efforts and set appropriate goals and how to drive [...]

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Feet First: Why Functional Training Starts From the Ground Up

"As a coach and trainer for close to 20 years now, I’ve seen how we exercise evolve dramatically!" When I first started helping people learn to workout, I spent the first 3-8 sessions showing my clients how to use the circuit machines––one machine per muscle group, 8-15 machines for a total body workout. The rationale [...]

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Traits of a Great Trainer: Empathy

What is empathy? There’s a story about a trainer, Drew Manning, who purposely gained, and then lost, 70 pounds.1 He claimed he did this because, as a lifelong fitness junkie, he had a hard time understanding what some of his clients were experiencing.  So he quit working out and started eating junk food.  After gaining [...]