We are British Columbia’s most comprehensive Service, Science & Sales Personal Training Certification Program.

Our PT Career Program follows the NASM curriculum via a 3-module fitness education syllabus. All of our personal training program graduates earn a minimum of 15 hours of in club practical experience, get guaranteed job placement with our fitness club partners, fitness CPR & First-Aid certification*, full access to NASM Certified Personal Training online content, and an opportunity to participate in our partners’ exclusive in house fitness & performance education platform.

Our 3-module PT Career Program includes the following

Module 1:

Client Interaction & Professional Development


  • Intro to BCPTI, Sales Service & Service. Learn about opportunities in the industry, set personal goals & understand the importance of professional development.
  • Define the levels and phases of the Optimum Performance Training Model.
  • Describe functions of Anatomy and Physiology during human movement and exercise.
  • Use anatomical terminology to describe the structure and function of the human body and the systems related to exercise program design.
  • Explain basic training-induced adaptations in energy production.
  • How to write a Trainer Business Plan.
  • Client Accountability and Program Execution.

Module 2:

Human Movement Assessment & Concepts of Integrated Training 1


  • Understand, mentor and practically apply the NMO process.
  • Use anatomical terminology to describe structure and function of the human body as it relates to flexibility training.
  • Define the importance of flexibility, core, and balance training.
  • Recognize the general differences in stabilization, strength, and power exercises as they relate to flexibility, core, and balance.
  • Explain basic training-induced adaptations in energy production.
  • Effective first client interaction and Evaluations.

Module 3A:

Concepts of Integrated Training 2 & Nutrition


  • Understand the consultative sales process. Define & illustrate the ALARC / ALADDER.
  • Identify and describe exercise progressions and regressions for plyometric, SAQ training, and resistance training.
  • Describe adaptations to resistance training.
  • Explain the resistance training systems and learn to categorize exercises into the proper level of the Optimum Performance Training Model.
  • Define and describe basic nutritional concepts.
  • Identify macronutrient food sources.
  • Ongoing client communications to create/maintain great relationships.
  • Understand, mentor and practically apply the principles of organization to business planning.
  • Define and implement the acute training variables for the OPT Model.
  • Design programs for each phase of the OPT Model.
  • Describe safe and effective use of exercise methods including different exercise modalities.
  • Describe special considerations for effective program design for various populations.
  • Leveraging Social Media as a Personal Trainer.
  • Practice and prepare for exam.

Module 3B:



  • Define and illustrate application of functional training.
  • Learn to detect & correct movement errors.
  • Learn and practically illustrate knowledge of the nashFIT progression matrixes.
  • Introduction to alternative training methods (Battle Ropes, ViPR / Surge, TRX & Foam Rolling).
  • Design, mentor and lead functional training programs.
  • Understand the importance of closing, staying in the saddle, hair on fire.

Special Note to PT Career Certification Program Students

* CPR & First-Aid courses are optional and available at no additional cost to all British Columbia Personal Training Institute students. These courses must be successfully completed before taking the NASM CPT exam.